Offshore Company In Many Jurisdictions

  • Our firm  has been offering offshore-company-in-many-jurisdictions to our international clientele since 1979. Our firm is networked worldwide through professional associates to offer you fast and reliable services in the incorporation and servicing of your offshore companies and other business needs. Our vast experience and expertise is at your disposal. We make it easy and simple and cost effective for you. No Hidden Costs! Fast, personal and reliable services by our experts will make if a child`s play so that you can concentrate on your business.
  • Below you can see a list of offshore jurisdictions for which we can incorporate a company for you. Fast reliable and professional service to get your offshore company as fast as possible. Although our Firm is registering companies for many decades now, lately it has become obvious that the future of Tax Havens is hanging from a threat, as all the big countries are pushing for treaties and legislation to either blacklist them or ask them to pass legislation which is consistent with fair and reasonable international tax practices!  Cyprus as such has a very low tax rate of 12.5%  and many other tax benefits. So it is possible the best jurisdiction for registering your company and making your tax optimization schemes to reduce your taxes to the minimum. For more material and advice on the matter of a Cyprus Company Registration, follow this link.






Client Testimonials

The reason I am using E R Team Global Consultants for 4 years now, for all my offshore business is that they are professionals; they offer great services at very reasonable fees and always on a personal context. I am very happy with them. I fully recommend them.

Peter Johansen,

E R Team Global Consultants were recommended to me by the CEO of a large company which trades in electronic goods in the EU, who is a friend of mine about three years ago. They have been handling all my legal and corporate matters since. They are quick and professional and also offer great fees for all their services.

Abraham Goldstein,

Offshore Company In Many Jurisdictions

 Offshore Company In Many Jurisdictions : If you need a company in other jurisdictions, please see the list below. Our Firm has been incorporating company in many other jurisdictions for over thirty five years now. Trust the experts to get your job done safely and professionally. We make it simple and fast for you. Save time and money.

List Of  Offshore Jurisdictions

1. Hong Kong
2. Belize
3. British Virgin Islands
4. Seychelles
5. Austria
6. Dubai
7. Malta
8. Czech Republic
9. Gibraltar
10. Luxemburg
11. Ireland
12. Netherlands
13. Belgium
14. Estonia
15. Liechtenstein
16. Switzerland
17. Singapore
18. United Kingdom
19. Slovakia
20. The Marshal Islands
21. Mauritius
22. Ras al-Khaimah
23. Hungary
24. Delaware
25. Guernsey
26. Jersey
27. Italy
28. Cayman Islands
29. Nevis
30. New Zealand


Integrity and Confidentiality

Our firm is striving to render professional, confidential and cost effective services to all our international clientele in their effort to register their offshore companies. All the above incorporations can be done in a reasonable time and at reasonable fees. We undertake to offer you all the corporate and legal services which you will need for your professional operations in these jurisdictions.


Cyprus Offshore Companies And Many Jurisdictions

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