Cyprus Bank Account

Cyprus banks are the perfect banks for opening a fast and fuss free corporate or personal bank account for your day to day business.

Quick Points for Opening A Bank Account in Cyprus:

  • A Cyprus bank account can be opened in your absence.
  • Full internet banking allowing transfers without limitation.
  • Cyprus bank account opening is fast and fuss free.
  • Open a Cyprus bank account without minimum deposit terms!

  • A Cyprus offshore bank account can be opened with minimum
  • We can open corporate and personal bank accounts for companies of any jurisdiction or nationality.
  • Reasonable fees, NO HIDDEN COSTS.
  • Full anonymity. Cyprus has no agreements for exchange of information.

Frequently Asked Questions

A corporate or personal bank account in Cyprus offers great facilities such as visa card valid worldwide, internet banking allowing transfers, digipass for security, anonymity, no minimum deposit terms, low bank fees for transfers and other services, no tax on the interests earned.
The formalities for opening a bank account compared to any other EU country are more simple and quicker. A know your client procedure is carried out and the bank agreements are filled and signed. The rate of success is over 90% compared to the mere 60% of other countries.
In some banks you need in some you don`t.
No the costs for opening a Cyprus bank account are in fact much lower than for opening a bank account in other jurisdictions.
Yes any person or legal entity can open an offshore bank account in Cyprus no matter his/its nationality, age or wealth.

Client Testimonials

The reason I am using E R Team Global Consultants for 4 years now, for all my offshore business is that they are professionals; they offer great services at very reasonable fees and always on a personal context. I am very happy with them. I fully recommend them.

Peter Johansen,

E R Team Global Consultants were recommended to me by the CEO of a large company which trades in electronic goods in the EU, who is a friend of mine about three years ago. They have been handling all my legal and corporate matters since. They are quick and professional and also offer great fees for all their services.

Abraham Goldstein,

98% Client Satisfaction.

Our latest census has shown that 98% of our clients are satisfied with our services, our fees and our professional approach to their problems and business issues. We thank you.

Open a Cyprus Bank Account


Banking in Cyprus is a pleasure. Forget the traumatic experience for trying to open a bank account in other countries and the months of waiting. Our Law Firm can get you a very fast Cyprus Bank Account in only a few days.

For more detailed information on how to open a bank account in Cyprus follow this link:  How to Open a Bank Account in Cyprus? Cyprus bank accounts offer your business flexibility, speed, professional tools for fast trading and of course the means to success. The procedures for opening a Cyprus bank account are simple and fast. Many Cyprus Banks offer corporate and personal bank accounts with summary procedures and with all the facilities and tools needed for a professional.

Most Cyprus Banks are offering banking services of high quality and equally efficient to those of any international banks. The Cyprus banking system is stable now. Cyprus bank accounts are sought after by international entrepreneurs who know their benefits and advantages. There are now no restrictions at all on the movement of money in and out of the country.


Advantages of a Bank Account in Cyprus


A Bank Account in Cyprus offers great advantages and benefits to the account holder, the private individual, the international entrepreneur or the professional for his offshore operations.

The professional environment of Cyprus banks, the personal and friendly attitude of the bankers, the great get up and organisation of Cyprus banking, the easily accessible services or the strategic position of the island makes a Cyprus bank account one of the most useful tools for professionals and not only. The following are some but not the only ones of the advantages of the Cyprus bank accounts:

  1. Fast, fuss free opening. In a few days we can have the account number, IBAN and SWIFT numbers for you.
  2. Your presence in not necessary. A Cyprus bank account can be opened in your absence.
  3. No terms for minimum initial deposit or minimum monthly balance.
  4. Debit or Credit cards valid all over the world.
  5. An online Cyprus bank account offers i-banking, allowing swift transfers without any limitation.
  6. Digipass machine for extra security makes the Cyprus Bank Account, one of the safest accounts.
  7. Multi-currencyaccounts for any currencies, at no extra cost.
  8. Low Bank Charges on transfers and on other bank services.
  9. No restrictions at all on the movement of money in or out of Cyprus.
  10. Full confidentiality. Cyprus banks do not disclose information to any country.


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How to Open a Bank Account in Cyprus


Generally a Cyprus bank account is easy to open and operate. It does not cost too much either in legal fees or bank charges. Cyprus banking can offer you the benefit of all the professional facilities that you may require. In a Cyprus Bank Account you may deposit as much or as little money that you may need to. There are no terms of maximum or minimum! Follow this link if you need information on how to Open a Cyprus Bank Account Online.

The costs of running and maintain a Cyprus bank account are minimal, i.e. They run into a few euro per month. The initial bank costs for opening a bank account in Cyprus are the cost of the digipass machine and some euro for the courier service; usually they range between 70 to 90 euros.


All you need for opening a Cyprus Bank Account are a few and easy steps:

  1. A copy of your passport’s picture page. Some banks want it to be Notarized some don`t. So we will tell you when you choose your bank in Cyprus.
  2. A utility bill in English or translated in English for water or electricity, or telephone or gas. If that is not possible sometimes a bank statement of your home bank account is enough.
  3. Answer the Due Diligence we send you, for supplying your contact details and to tell us what facilities you need for your account.
  4. If the account is for a company we are to set up for you, then nothing else is required of you as we will already have the company documents.
  5. If the account is for a company of some other jurisdiction, then we shall need the company certificates, such as the certificate of incorporation, the memorandum, share certificate etc.
  6. In some cases the Bank may inquire as to some matters pertaining to the know your client procedure which done by all the banks in the world.
  7. Sign the bank agreements and courier them to the bank.
  8. Deposit an initial sum of money in your account for the bank fees to be paid for.
  9. The bank account materials such as the visa, codes, digipass , are couriered to you.
  10. Sign and return to the bank the letter of receipt of these materials.
  11. Activate your internet banking.

Get in touch wit us for an easy bank account in Cyprus. We make it simple, fast and fuss free for you. For more info on an easy bank account in Cyprus follow this link: Easy Bank Account in Cyprus.

Cyprus Personal Bank Account


Any natural/physical person over the age of 18 years and also any corporation or company orother organization can open a Cyprus bank account. In the case of a natural person he can be the only signatory of the account if he likes i.e. the person controlling the account, or he can act through an appointed signatory who can be appointed by our firm to be his representative.

This way his confidentiality is protected even more. Of course the nominee signatory will act only on the written instructions of the real owner of the account. The real owner of the bank account can verify the account transactions through his internet banking facility!


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Cyprus Corporate Bank Account


By corporate bank account we mean a bank account for your company. We can open a bank account in Cyprus for a company from almost any jurisdiction fast, fuss free and always for very reasonable fees. A Cyprus Corporate Bank Account will offer you and your company fast banking services of high quality and low banking charges.

Our firm can open a Corporate Bank Account for you in a few days. The formalities for opening a corporate bank account are not complicated and in any case our firm will do everything for you. Your presence is not necessary. We can do everything by email, fax and courier!

The documents required for a Cyprus corporate bank account are apart from the above needed for a personal bank account, the incorporation certificates of the company such as the certificate of incorporation, the share certificate, the memorandum, the resolution appointing the first directors etc.

Some banks need these documents to be appostilled and some don`t. We can tell you which don`t want the documents to be appostilled thus saving you a lot of money. If there are more than one person in the company as directors or shareholders the banks will ask for a legal due diligence for these persons and they will need to provide the same documents as for opening a personal bank account above.

In the case of a corporation, the director, or the secretary of the company , or the shareholder , are all eligible for being the signatories of the corporate bank account, either one of them, or two or all three of them. Of course the company can also use the services of an appointed nominee signatory provided by our firm.

All Cyprus Banks are fully professional and client friendly. Your physical presence is almost never required. You understand how important that is to you.


Closing A Cyprus Bank Account


Closing a Cyprus bank account is easy and simple. Simply pay any pending bank charges, swift all the money in your account away and email your bank to close down the account. They will do that without any questions…




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