Cyprus Bank Account Online

Our firm can open a bank account for your company or you online. Everything is done remotely. Your presence is not required. Fast, fuss free and no hassle.

A Cyprus Bank Account Online offers many benefits and advantages to the international businessman, the private account holder or the international entrepreneurs. Some of the big benefits of a Cyprus bank account online are:

  1. The account can be opened without you having to be present.
  2. It can be opened in a few days ready to accept deposits.
  3. It can be fully operational and activated in about 10-12 days.
  4. You can have Visa card valid all over the world  and for ATM cash.
  5. No minimum deposit terms.
  6. No minimum monthly balance.
  7. No bank account tax.
  8. Low bank charges.
  9. No limitations on transfers in or out.

Open A Cyprus Bank Account Online

Anyone who is over 18 years old can open a Cyprus bank account online. All you have to do is get in touch with our office and will take it from there. We will guide you step by step to open your Cyprus bank account online. If you need to read more about the Cyprus bank account follow this link: Cyprus Bank Account. The formalities needed are not too complicated and depend on whether your online Cyprus bank account is a corporate Cyprus bank account or a personal Cyprus bank account.

For a personal Cyprus bank account all you need is a copy of your passport, a utility bill for water or gas or electricity or telephone not older than three months. Some banks require a bank reference letter and some don`t. We can introduce you to a bank that does not. If it is going to be a corporate bank account then apart from the above you will need the company certificates.

Some Banks require them to be apostilled and some don`t. Again we can introduce you to some that do not thus saving a lot of money on apostil. So if you want to open a Cyprus bank account online our experts will be glad to do that for you. We have been doing this for more than 35 years since 1979!

Cyprus Bank Account Tax

Some clients often wonder if there is any Cyprus Bank Account Tax. The answer is that for foreign account holders who are not tax resident in Cyprus there is no Cyprus bank account tax. For the account holders who are tax resident in Cyprus there is a considerable tax on the interest they earn from their deposits. So for foreign investors there is not Cyprus bank account tax on the interests, but also not tax at all on the capital deposited in the account be that a current account or a deposit account.

Open Your Cyprus Bank Account Online

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