Legal Services in Cyprus – 2022



Our Law Firm was established in 1979. It well known and connected throughout  Cyprus. We have have won major cases. We have played a fundamental role in the shaping of Cyprus legislation. We has been in active legal practice since then,  offering a wide range of legal services and has won a lot of important legal battles.


We Offer the Following Legal Services – May 2022



1. Company Formation:


Our Law Firm is very expert in incorporation services in Cyprus and many other jurisdictions all over the world. Our Law Offices in Cyprus have been offering Cyprus Legal Services and Corporate Services Since 1979. Our Cyprus Law Firm offers fast incorporation of Companies, Nominee services by our trusted and professionally trained Nominee experts, Secretarial Services and Registered Office Address, apostille of documents, power of attorney, EORI number, tax certificates of all kinds, company searches, incumbency certificate and good standing certificate, contract making, financial advice and trusts, vat registration and Cyprus vat registration number, filing all the necessary forms and materials with the Cyprus Company Registrar such as HE32, Financial Statements etc. Our Cyprus Law Firm through its select lawyers will offer all legal advice needed by our international clientele on a large variety of legal matters and problems. This link will lead you to more info about Cyprus Company Formation requirement, costs and time schedules.


2. Banking-Bank Account:


Our  Law Office will also offer you fast banking services for opening of a bank account in Cyprus and in many other jurisdictions such as Switzerland, Latvia, Seychelles, Hong Kong, St Vincent the Grenadine Islands, Lichtenstein etc. Banking facilities include the i-banking, debit/credit card, multi-currency etc. No visit necessary. For more info on how to open a Cyprus Bank Account, costs, time schedules and term follow this link.


3. Cyprus Virtual Office Services – May 2022:


Within the wide range of our Cyprus law firm`s facilities is another of our services. Virtual office includes telephone and and fax exclusive numbers, email address, mail and fax forwarding and package handling. Real or managed office facilities include renting an office, equipment, personnel etc. Visit our article on virtual office for  more info.


4. Tax Planning for 2022


Our Lawyers are experts in corporate tax advice and planning for your business. Ask our Law Firm to assist you for your international tax planning so as to increase your profitability.

A Cyprus company is the perfect tool for optimizing your corporate taxes to the most optimum possible level. A Cyprus Company offers you great advantages with corporate tax rate at only 12.5% and Dividends Tax at 0% tax!

There is also a 0% Corporate Tax on revenues for trading in securities and only 2.5% on royalties from intellectual property and much more. See Tax Rates in Cyprus for general info on the taxes in Cyprus.


5. Intellectual Property:


E R TEAM Global Consultants can offer you expert services in the field of patent and trademark law and design registration. copyright and the licensing of technology. Our close connections with lawyers and trade mark agents in many countries make it possible for us to protect your interests worldwide. Our expert Lawyers can cover the following basic needs of this sector:

  • professional advice for the best and most secure way to acquire intellectual property.
  • guidance for the registration of your intellectual property in Cyprus or the EU.
  • advice on your rights and protection of your intellectual property.
  • all the advice and guidance on how a franchise can be acquired and licensed.
  • competition and agency matters.
  • all related tax aspects.

6. Administration of Estates, Wills and Probate in Cyprus:


Our Law Offices in Cyprus will handle the administration of estates of any deceased persons. Our Cyprus Law Firm can appoint an Administrator from our Cyprus Law Offices to collect the estate, pay the debts, taxes dues, etc. and divide the property to the deceased’s heirs according to the Cyprus Law. In fact you will never have to travel to Cyprus if you don`t want to. We can also draft your last will and testament quickly, reliably and professionally. Also probate disputes and other matters, problems or actions can be handled with favorable results. All fees and costs can be agreed in advance with the client or be estimated according to the administration of estates rules. The average time required by an administration to be completed is about six months if there are no disputes between the heirs to the deceased`s inheritance. The basic legal principle in Cyprus is the the mother or father inherit in equal shares with the children. So if the deceased left a wife and 3 children they all take one fourth each. Our Cyprus Law Firm has extensive knowledge and expertise in the Administration of Estates and Execution of Wills.


7. Real Estate and Asset Protection in Cyprus and Abroad:


Law Firms in Cyprus have been the backbone of the Cyprus Economy and the housing industry in the last 25 years. In the last 5 years the real estate in Cyprus has seen a decline in prices such as never seen before. It now a great opportunity for a real estate investor to invest in real estate in Cyprus. Our Cyprus Law Firm can assist you in finding the right property for you and help you in all legal matters to ensure your security. Buying real estate anywhere in the world can be a complicated affair better handled by experts. We have assisted many hundreds or clients since 1979 to buy or sell or otherwise dispose of their properties in full safety and security! For E R TEAM Global Consultants Real Estate has always been a major sector of intense business activity. Millions and even billions are invested every year worldwide. Our expert Lawyers, will guide our clients professionally and safely to invest their money on prime properties either in residential or office properties or prime pieces of industrial or commercial land. Properties in Cyprus will increase in the next few years in value many-fold as Cyprus is a small market and prices can skyrocket any time.


8. Contract Law and Sale of Goods Act:


Our expert lawyers can advise you on a large range of contractual matters in Cyprus and cross border. Our Lawyers` background of legal education in the UK, gives them the ability and expertise to handle contract work and disputes in the most efficient way. Our lawyers have handled contracts of millions of dollars for international clients. Some of the basic services our Cyprus Law Office are the following.

  1. Contract work for the selling or purchasing of Real Estate or any business, or the acquisition of companies, or other commodities.
  2. Rental Agreements for houses, villas,apartments, businesses etc.
  3. Management and wealth protection via Trusts in Cyprus or through International Trusts or Foundations.
  4. Acquisition of property by foreigners.
  5. Valuations for Real Estate, ships, yachts or businesses.
  6. Title problems and transfers for property.
  7. Cyprus Permanent Residence.


9. Immigration Law and Visa Advice Cyprus Permanent Residence Visa

E R TEAM Global Consultants and its expert Lawyers, can advise you in all your immigration matters for a long term Cyprus Visa or Permanent Cyprus Residence. Our experience in the field since 1979 is an assurance to your success for your Cyprus Visa or PR or Citizenship. Our firm can also get you a long term Cyprus visa if you set up and operate a Cyprus Company.



10. Litigation Cases in many fields

We have a long history for litigation in the Courts of Cyprus. We can advise and assist you to present your dispute in any Court in Cyprus. Just send us a brief of your case and we will review and revert to  you with advise and our professional opinion.





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