Cyprus Real Estate Services – Safe Investments for 2022

Updated 25 May 2022


A huge marina, probably one of the biggest in the Mediterranean is being built in 2022 in Larnaca. Huge profits are in order for those investing in real estate in Larnaca. Our Firm is well networked, has contacts with all the developers and auctioneers as well as banks offering real estate at favorable prices. We can assist you to invest your money wisely so that you have great profits. We believe that if one invests in 2022 in real estate in Larnaca he will double his money in 4 to 5 years the most!

E.R. Team  is well positioned in the real estate market to offer you a wide spectrum of Cyprus real estate services to assist you in your effort to invest in Cyprus or sell or manage or in any way exploit your Cyprus Real Estate


Cyprus Real Estate Services for 2022


Our firm in its Cyprus real estate services includes advice in finding and purchasing any Cyprus property your desire. Also making sure that the price is right for you, the location is good and your tenure is safe. We make sure that the whole process is done quickly, efficiently, and mostly cost effectively.


When buying real estate in Cyprus you have to use the services of an expert Lawyer. He will protect you from any fraudulent persons. He will make sure that the property is not burdened with any mortgages or other issues. He will not allow you to be charged an overate price etc.


Selling your Cyprus Property in 2022


Our Cyprus Real Estate Services experts will provide you all the assistance in selling your property in Cyprus, ensuring that a good fair price is paid for it. We will also check that commissions are kept within reason that taxes paid are as low as legally possible. Finally we will ensure that you get your money with no delay and avoid any risk or danger.


Insurance Cover for your Cyprus Properties – 2022


Unpredicted risks, dangers, events, acts of god, malicious or criminal acts can always threaten your property in Cyprus as in any other country. We will ensure that every risk is covered by a comprehensive insurance policy, at a well known international insurance company. Our Cyprus Real Estate Services department will oversee the payments of any insurance fees and make a claim on your behalf in case of damage or loss.


Financing you Need to Buy or Develop Cyprus Property


One of our Cyprus Real Estate Services is to secure financing for your needs. Our close connections and professional relations with many Cyprus banks, affords us the ability to recommend you a Cyprus Bank of your choice to apply for any finance you may need for purchasing or developing your Cyprus property.



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