Merchant Accounts. Low Commissions – 2021

Updated 07 July 2021


What is a Merchant Account?


Merchant accounts are online payment gateways to your business bank account! We have cooperation with international merchant account providers. The online collection services of international merchant account providers are utilized to receive your client’s money, paid for goods or services you provide them, and channel it to your bank accounts, after of course they deduct their agreed commission or other charges or fees. Such international merchant account providers can be firms that only operate in this field, or well known International Banks.


Merchant accounts are commonly needed by all businesses with online sales of goods, products and services through their website, giving their customers or their clients the opportunity of simple, fast and practical payment by accessing their debit or credit cards or by a bank wire or even an e-check! Such merchant accounts can be any one of three types depending on what business your IBC is in: Forex, a Travel merchant account or an International one. We have special offers for 2021.


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Setting Up Your Merchant Account With E R Team – 2021


E.R. TEAM consultants will get in touch with you immediately to analyze your request, ascertain your particular needs and guide you step by step from the time the merchant account is being set up to its integration into your company and your Bank Account.

Our experts will also advise you and set up your payment gateway if you will require a personalized payment gateway for your merchant accounts.


Merchant Accounts: What is a Payment Gateway


All merchant account must be connected online through your website where the payment begins, to your bank, to collect the money for you. So it is special software doing this job for you. The bigger majority of merchants will use the gateway software provided by their bank or the acquirer they use, or other, very large merchants can have software made especially for them to tackle the complexity or volume of their orders.


Security of  Merchant Accounts


a) SSL Certification or Secure Socket layer protocol. It is a system for encrypting all information divulged by the client’s computer to your servers. Generally needed by all merchant account users.

b) Fraud Prevention. All merchant processing CNP (Card Not Present) transaction needs a tool to prevent fraud, such as the AVS (Address Verification System).

c) Risk Management: This is a way of operating by your firm. You train your personnel to watch out for tell tale facts. You can tell when something is “fishy” if you see a big order of diverse products, not compatible to each other, or a series of orders from the same shipping address with different credit cards being used etc.


General Information About Merchant Accounts for 2021


  1. International merchant accounts: it simply means that such an account is set up in any country of the world, which can process CNP transactions for all over the world. No limitations.
  2. European Merchant Accounts: A European Merchant Account is one which is set up at an EU acquirer and Bank Account is operating at a Bank based or operating in the European Union. Of course it is understood that your company must also be incorporated in one of the European Union countries. Such an account is in fact, however, an International Merchant Account and it is not restricted to client’s living in the EU. Clients around the globe can use your EU merchant accounts.


  1. Credit/ Debit Cards Which Can Be Used: Most well established types of debit /credit cards can be processed through merchant accounts set up by E.R. TEAM.
  2. Website Compliance: Many acquirers (money transfer providers and banks) have set some rules or terms as to the contents of the website of any business seeking to acquire a merchant account. The E.R. TEAM IT consultants will assist you, so that your website complies with the demands of every acquirer.