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Our law firm is a Corporate Service Providers Company licensed and regulated by the Cyprus Bar Association, Reg. No 308. Our Cyprus Law Firm was Established in 1979 by Mr. Evgenios Erotokritou Barrister-at-Law, M.T. London. Our Lawyers, financial and tax partners and other experts pride themselves in their ability and determination to work professionally and consciously, offering high quality services to a broad base of international clientele.



Our spacious and modern headquarters are located in Larnaca at 36 Aigyptou Av., Cyprus, five minutes from the international airport of Cyprus, offering convenience to reach and saving of time.Our cutting edge technologies used and modern equipment make sure that you get fast and professional services at all times. Our personnel is highly trained and proficient to handle all your problems and requests fast and professionally.


Our legal and financial personnel of over 35 people are committed only to excellence. As the Romans very wisely put it: “Nil Satis Nisi Optimum, i.e. nothing but the best is good enough..” We treat all our clients as unique and we devote to every one our personal care and commitment.



We pride ourselves in our ability and expertise to offer a broad base of clientele services of a large range.Our corporate services include the setting up and incorporation of Cyprus Companies and companies in many other jurisdictions, with nominee services, real and virtual office, banking and finance services, opening of personal and corporate bank accounts in Cyprus and many other countries. We also offer fast merchant accounts for small, medium and large businesses. Our Legal Services include also ship and yacht registration, trusts, administration of estates, wills and intestacy, contract law, recoveries, estate management, wealth protection, insurance conflicts, mergers and acquisitions. We also offer services in the fields of patent registration, trade name registration and other intellectual property protection. Our financial services include accounting-audit, vat and vies, business plans, tax optimization schemes, structures, payrolls, social security matters, asset protection schemes etc.



In all countries we operate E R TEAM GLOBAL CONSULTANTS LTD, has associate Registered Agents and Law Officers to entrench its presence and secure the best legal and administrative support for its international clientele. Its headquarters coordinate, review and condone all the actions of its associates in each country so as to ensure that the high standards it has set are observed. Our wide and time tested contacts with government services secure the necessary results and speed for our clients inland.
Our close cooperation with prime banking organizations in Cyprus and other countries promote and support the offshore banking and financial needs of our clientele.


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