General Terms And Refund Policy

The following terms and conditions apply to all deals, transactions or offers made by E R TEAM GLOBAL CONSULTANTS to its clients for any services or products sold or offered to them through our website or otherwise.
All services and products are offered on the understanding that all terms and conditions agreed or implied in our agreement are subject to the Cyprus law. When an order is placed for our products and services such order must be in clear and unequivocal terms so that there is no misunderstanding. A letter of engagement will usually be signed with each client which will set out all the terms applying to the particular project. The letter of engagement can be adopted to your particular needs and requirements of course. Ask to see a sample if you like.

General Terms and Refund Policy : Liability of Our Firm

Our firm does all in its power to deliver in time the services ordered by the client, in the form requested, however any indications or promises as to time schedules are only indicative of the time required and not a contractual binding term. We bear no responsibility if due to circumstances not foreseen or not within our control a client suffers any loss or damage. In case a project cannot be completed due to unforeseen circumstances or due to the negative stance of a third party such as a bank, the Registrar of companies, the tax office etc our Firm cannot be held responsible. We always strive to offer our clients professional, fast , efficient and personal services to give him all the chance to succeed in his project. If you need an more information please get in touch with us and one of our experts will contact you immediately.


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