E R Team General Terms Of Business And Refund Policy



The following terms and conditions apply to all deals, transactions or offers made by E R TEAM GLOBAL CONSULTANTS to its clients for any services or products sold or offered to them through our website or otherwise. Our firm will accept orders and instructions form associates only on the understanding that those giving the instructions to us do so as principals and are liable directly to us for payment of our fees.
All services and products are offered on the understanding that all terms and conditions agreed or implied in our agreement are subject to the Cyprus law, and that in case of a dispute the Cyprus courts will have the jurisdiction to try such dispute and no other country whatsoever.


When an order is placed for our products and services such order must be in clear and unequivocal terms so that there is no misunderstanding. We provide services only on the basis that those instructing us give us all proper, necessary and timely instructions, authority and information so that we can respond quickly and effectively, avoiding mistakes and waste of time and funds. The methods used for the delivery of products and services to the client, are dependent on the agreement with the client. Lucking such agreement we deliver by email or common post. If the client wants delivery by any other method he must pay for the courier fees, or any registered fees for the post office.


The client is usually asked by our firm to pay in advance for all services and products wishing our firm to provide to him, unless a different arrangement is agree expressly.
Such payment can be done either by bank transfer (swift), or by credit card through our merchant account. Our merchant account provider is an international one with fast and safe procedures and very low commission rates! When a client instructs us to undertake any service, he will be responsible for our costs in providing that service whether or not it proceeds to its conclusion. We do not usually refund any sum of that service even if it interrupted by the client at an early or advanced stage.
In the case of services paid for on an annual basis , if the client chooses not to continue taking those services or for some reason we are unable to continue offering him, with the described service, we will refund on a pro-rata basis calculated on the number of days that we have provided that service or services.
Money spent on real expenses such as stamps, or payment of bills to energy companies or telephone companies, or for outsourcing for products or services is never the subject of a refund. Refunded funds will be paid to the client in the same way he has paid to us, and we will bear the cost of banking expenses only if we could not offer the services. If the client chooses to interrupt a service he will bear such costs. A refund claim by a client must be submitted to us on the email he is using to get in touch with us and it must be fully supported by his positions and documents required to make it understandable and valid. Our firm promises and undertakes to respond to a refund claim within 24 hours.


Our firm offers full Nominee services to our clients for incorporation and tax optimization purposes. Such Nominee could be a Director, or Shareholder or Secretary. Such persons act as your representatives although they have direct authority to curry out the business of the company. It is a term on any such services that the client will act responsibly, always updating the director of all his deals and activities, for opening any bank account or branch of the company in any country, of signing any employment or other contracts of employing any professionals such as lawyers, accountants, financiers etc.
Generally the client is expected to use the company and its activities in legal and lawful ways, not to use it for money laundering or financing crime or terrorism or even for tax evasion.
Our firm fully reserves the right for our Nominee Director, or Secretary to resign immediately and without notice and without the consent of the client if we validly suspect or have indications or proof that the company is being abused and or used as described above or in ways likely to cause a problem or legal responsibilities or embarrassment to our company. The client will bear all costs. The Nominee Shareholder will also have the right to transfer the shares he holds as trustee for the Real Owner into the name of the Real Owner in cases as above mentioned and bill the client for any costs. The client promises and undertakes to hold good from any harm such Nominees or our firm from any claims or responsibilities due to his acting illegally or in breach of any laws or regulations in any country and he promise to indemnify us for any loss or damage or damages paid by us to any third parties.


Our firm does all in its power to deliver in time the services ordered by the client, in the form requested, however any indications or promises as to time schedules are only indicative of the time required and not a contractual binding term. We bear no responsibility if due to circumstances not foreseen or not within our control a client suffers any loss or damage.
Although our services are professional we bear no responsibility if a client suffers loss or damage due to the wrong use of a company for trading or any other activity or for tax optimization unless we expressly agree that we are taking responsibility for any result. Client must always ask proper and professional advice and guidance in his home country or other country in which he is carrying on any trade or profession or calling.


Our firm is by law required to ask you for information regarding your personal data such as address, telephone number, email address, bank account reference letter, profession, calling, etc. All such information is strictly confidential for our records. However if you do not want to supply such information our firm will not be able to assist you.

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