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Updated 18 May 2022


Cost of Cyprus marriage. Get very low price. Apply today. Who can get married in Cyprus? What documents are required for Cyprus marriage. Is Cyprus marriage recognized worldwide? How long does it take to get my wedding in Cyprus?


If you are planning your wedding in Cyprus, our Firm has extensive experience since 1979! A Cyprus marriage makes sense. It is fast, fuss free and cheap.


Our 40 year experience in organizing marriages guaranties that your marriage will not have any issues.

We assist you to prepare the documents. We get you a marriage date at the Municipality. We can secure two witnesses, Fast and no fuss. In an idyllic and romantic environment. Your marriage is probably the most important day of your life. Don`t risk to spoil it.

Fees for Cyprus Wedding – May 2022

Our firm charges always client friendly fees. That is why we are so popular with weddings in Cyprus. The legal fee for planning your Cyprus marriage from beginning to the end is Euro 1000, plus vat tax. This includes all the preparation procedures, getting you the date at the Municipality, escorting you to the wedding venue and be a witness to your wedding if you want us to. It also includes assisting you to get the necessary documents and check whether they are all right.


Documents Required for your Cyprus Marriage for 2022

  1. Good color copy of your Passport. It must not have expired.
  2. Original full version of birth certificate indicating your parents names. This will need to be translated to English by you in your country and it must be apostilled.
  3. Single status certificate from country of permanent residence for you and your partner, apostilled.

4. If you or your partner were married before we will need the divorce certificate, apostilled.


Cyprus Airport is only 10 minutes from Larnaca Municipality

if you choose to get married in Larnaca, the airport is only 10 minutes from the municipality if you prefer to get married and leave same day. We can arrange for a taxi to wait for you at the airport. Taxi fees are not too high in Cyprus.


Cyprus Marriage Valid Worldwide

A Cyprus Marriage is valid worldwide as Cyprus is a member state of the EU. EU has many marriage agreements worldwide. We can of course advise you in advance for a particular country if your marriage will be binding.


Fees to the Municipality for Your Wedding –  May 2022

The fee you will pay at the Municipality are very low. You can pay them cash on the spot. These fees are the following at June 2021. If there is any change we will update our list often:

  1. 281.90 Euro for the marriage ceremony, which includes one marriage certificate.
  2. 13.65 Euro for each extra marriage certificate.
  3. 20.00 Euro for Apostil if you want your certificate apostilled.
  4. 20.00 Euro for each certification by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

These fees must be paid cash at the Municipality after the end of the ceremony.



More Info for You

  • Civil marriage in Cyprus is fast and trouble free. You also pay very low fees. Cyprus marriage is recognized all over the world. You can register your Cyprus civil marriage in any country as Cyprus is an EU country and as such it partakes is hundreds of interstate agreements with many countries for the recognition of marriage.
  • Regardless of religion or origin, you can get married in Cyprus. There are no restrictions. Get in touch with us for more information and advice if you have any questions or doubts as to your getting married to any person of different religion or nationality than yours.
  • Travel to Cyprus on a visitors visa which you can get from the Cyprus embassy in your country. If you need any assistance we are willing to assist and advise you. Sometimes an invitation by a Lawyer is required by the embassy. We will be glad to provide it to you for free.

  • A Divorce in Cyprus is fast and simple. Especially if both parties agree to it. Our Firm will assist you to get a divorce. You do not have to be  in Cyprus. We can begin the procedure in your absence. Once you sign a retainer for us we will guide you step by step.
  • You do not have to be in Cyprus to begin your divorce procedures. You will however have to visit later. Your presence will also be necessary in Court. If your spouse does not contest the divorce you will only need to be present in Court one time.
  • The Documents required are the original marriage certificate and a copy of your passport. When the divorce petition is ready to be filed we will let you know if anything else is required. If you live abroad you will have to prove to the court that for the last 3 months you were living in Cyprus.

Frequently Asked Questions

We can get you a marriage date immediately. It is up to you to be ready to travel to Cyprus.
No you both have to present at the Municipality during the wedding ceremony.
No, there is no restrictions on the clothes you want to wear. So if your religion dictates specific clothes you are welcome to wear them.
Definitely your close relatives and friends. But due to coronavirus there are restrictions which change frequently. Call us or email us to advise you.
Your quests can throw rice outside on the steps of the Municipality when you are taking pictures.
We can do that for you with pleasure.

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Cyprus Marriage

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