Cyprus Investment Programme

Cyprus PassprortWith an Investment of 2.000.000 Euro in real estate in Cyprus you can apply for the Cyprus Investment Programme. Live in any European country with your family without any formalities and enjoy all the social and financial benefits of Europe through the Cyprus Investment Programme. Cyprus as a country has a lot of opportunities to offer to you also. For reading some informative date for doing business in Cyprus, follow the link.


Bullet Points for the Cyprus Investment Programme:

  • Invest in Cyprus Real Estate Market and enjoy many benefits. Live in any EU country!
  • Invest 2 million Euro in real estate of your choice including a house. You can rent the Real Estate! Get reach profits when you sell.
  • Travel to more than 180 countries with your family, without the need for a visa and save a lot of time and money.
  • You can sell the real estate into which you have invested, except the house of  500 K,  in 3 years if you like and get capital increase.

  • The application covers your underage dependent children and wife or husband.
  • The  procedures can be done in your absence. You don`t have to live in Cyprus either.
  • Professional immigration lawyers and expert staff, will handle your application. We will guide you step by step.
  • Free advice and all assistance with document preparation, translations and other formalities. Reasonable legal fees.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes after the lapse of a 3 year period you can sell the property, probably with a hefty profit. You have to keep a house worth at least 500 000 Euro however.
Yes you can work or carry out any business in Cyprus without restrictions.
No, but you have to visit Cyprus at least once
Adult children cannot be joined in the same application but they can join in the purchase of the same house provided that the value of the house is 500,000 Euro and above.
Our firm is networked all over Cyprus and will assist you for free to find the necessary real estate and legally protect you from any potential problems.
You can visit one hundred and seventy countries without visa.

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Cyprus Investment Programme 

The Cyprus Council of Ministers on the 13th of September 2016 has decided to introduce a Cyprus Investment Programme for foreign investors. The below information will educate you and give you all the information you need on why and how to apply for the Cyprus Investment Programme.

Cyprus Investment Programme: The Benefits

There are many serious reasons why you should choose Cyprus for your second Citizenship and your family`s. The advantages are rich and rewarding. The decision to become a Citizen of another country cannot be taken lightly. You should study all the pros and cons before you commit to it. Below you will see the major advantages you will enjoy if you become a Cypriot Citizen:

  1. You and your family will be able to travel to over 180 countries without the fuss and frustration of rushing to prepare documents, letters, applications, interviews and pay a lot of money to get a Visa. Total Visa-Free travel to all 180 Countries! Request the list of all these countries from our Administrators today.
  2. Cyprus Citizenship once paid for and acquired by you and your family does not die at any time. It is perpetual. That means that your unborn children will also be Cypriot Citizens and your Grandchildren will also be so! So the precious Cyprus Citizenship will be passed down to future generations by descent.
  3. In Cyprus multi citizenship is allowed.
  4. The Cyprus Investment Programme is not extinguished or grow less in any way. On the contrary you have the right to sell all the properties you have bought in 3 years from the date of being approved as a Cyprus Citizen, except a residence which you and your family must keep worth at least 500.000 Euro. With the trends of real estate prices in Cyprus going up by the minute you will be making a nice round figure in capital gains.
  5. The Cyprus Citizenship offers you the unbelievable political right to vote in Cyprus and also to stand as a candidate lawmaker for the European Parliament.
  6. The application for the Cyprus Investment Programme is examined approximately in 6 months, saving you the anxiety of waiting and waiting. Giving you the opportunity to begin your trading or other business activities in Europe the soonest.
  7. Once you file your application, you have the right to work in Cyprus immediately. You can also work or carry out any business in all the 28 States of the European Union without any problem or formality.
  8. You can move goods, commodities, services and money freely in Cyprus and the EU States with the Cyprus Investment Programme. There are huge potentials here as many Custom controls, regulations, restrictions and other impediments will no longer apply to you.
  9. Contrary to other countries with the Cyprus Investment Programme, you do not have to live in Cyprus all the time.
  10. A Cyprus Residence Permit is granted to you and to your family within 5 days, from the day of submission of your application of the Cyprus Investment Programme.
  11. You and your family will enjoy protection by the Diplomatic or Consular Authority of any European State in case you need such protection in any foreign country for any problem you have.
  12. Cyprus is a Common Law jurisdiction. Therefore you will be able to enjoy an English legal system and have recourse to the Anglo-Saxon legislation which is one of the most respected on the planet.


1.What is the time frame for examining an application?

Applications are examined within approximately 6 months. Once the application is approved, the applicant will be able to take all actions for the acquisition of the Citizenship. The procedure for the acquisition of the Cypriot citizenship will be completed, provided that the applicant holds a residence permit for a period of at least 6 (six) months. If the applicant does not hold a residence permit for the aforementioned time period, he/ she will need to wait until the six-month period is completed.

2.What is the amount of fees payable for each application for the Cyprus Investment Programme to the Government?

  • Investor/Applicant €7000.00
  • Spouse/ Partner €7000.00
  • Adult Child €7000.00
  • Minor Child €80.00

3.Do investments have to be made personally by the investor or is a Cyprus Company allowed to do that?

In order to proceed with the Cyprus Investment Programme, investments can be made either personally by the investor, either by his/ her spouse, or jointly with the spouse. A Cyprus Company is of course allowed to do the investment in which the applicant ivestors are participating as shareholders or as ultimate beneficial owners. For Cyprus Company Registration information please follow the link. Please bear in mind that, if the applicant invests through a company in which he/ she participates as a shareholder only a percentage of the investment will be taken into consideration in proportion to his holding percentage.

4. What conditions must be met in order for a high-ranking senior manager of a company to apply for the Cyprus Investment Programme on the basis of this scheme?

Firstly, the company that employs the manager must have concluded in Cyprus an investment that meets one of the financial criteria of the scheme. Secondly, the manager may apply for Naturalisation, provided that he/ she receives a remuneration that generates paid tax revenues of at least €100,000 in total over three years and provided that this tax has already been paid or prepaid. Finally the high-ranking senior manager needs to hold in Cyprus a permanent privately-owned residence of at least €500,000 purchase value.

5.What are the Cyprus Investment Programme criteria?

Criterion 1: Investment in real estate, land development and infrastructure projects of at least €2m. Investment in land under development is included in this criterion, provided that an investment plan for the development of the purchased land will be included in the application.

Real Estate can be sold after 3 years from the date of securing the passport. This is very advantageous because not only will you be able to get your money back intact, but you will be definitely realizing a profit of between 10%  and higher as real estate in Cyprus in a good location is becoming more and more expensive! 

Criterion 2: Investment in financial assets of Cypriot companies or organisations of at least €2m. These companies or organizations should have proven physical presence in Cyprus, with significant activity and turnover and employ at least 5 Cypriot or citizens of European Union member-states. The invested funds shall be channelled towards the financing of the investment objectives of these companies exclusively in Cyprus, based on a specific investment plan. The employees of the companies need to have legally and continuously resided in Cyprus during the 5 years preceding the application submission date.

 Criterion 3: Investment in Alternative Investment Funds (AIFs) or financial assets of Cypriot companies/ organisations of at least €2m. AIFs, whose investments should be made exclusively in the Republic of Cyprus, should be established in the Republic of Cyprus and licensed and supervised by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySec). Investments should be kept for at least 3 years. It is noted that the purchase by an AIF of units of other AIFs is not considered eligible. The purchase of financial assets of Cypriot companies or organizations (bonds, bills and securities) should be issued with the approval of the CySec, by companies that have proven physical presence and substantial economic activity in the Republic of Cyprus.

 Criterion 4: Combination of the above criteria. This combination may also include investment in government bonds of up to €500,000, issued by the Public Debt Management Office of the Ministry of Finance. These bonds must be retained for a 3-year period. Investments in government bonds through the secondary market are not considered eligible.

6.Does the applicant need to also own a residence in Cyprus?

In all criteria, the applicant must possess a permanent privately-owned residence in Cyprus, of at least €500,000 (+VAT). Members of the same family, who apply separately as investors, can collectively acquire a residence, provided that the total value of this home-property covers €500,000 for each applicant. In case that the value of the permanent privately owned residence in Cyprus exceeds the amount of €500,000, part of the additional amount can be used for supplementing the total amount of the investment made on the basis of the financial criteria above. If the applicant has invested in housing unit/ units as per Criterion 1, the purchase of another permanent residence in Cyprus will not be required, if at least one of these housing units is worth at least €500,000 (+VAT). In this case, the applicant must retain possession of this residence for life.

7.Can the investor rent his privately-owned residence to someone else?

 Yes, he/ she may do that.

8.Must investors hold a residence permit in Cyprus prior to proceeding with the Cyprus Investment Programme?

Yes, investors must hold a residence permit in Cyprus. If not, application for a residence permit can be submitted simultaneously with the application for the naturalisation, while the procedure for the acquisition of the Cypriot citizenship will be completed when the six-month period is completed. This provision also applies for the adult members of the investor’s family.

9.Do investors have to reside in Cyprus after acquiring the Cypriot citizenship?

No, there is no requirement of residing in Cyprus after acquiring citizenship.

10.How long do investments have to be kept for after proceeding with the Cyprus Investment Programme?

The applicant should have made the necessary investments during the 3 years preceding the date of the application and must retain the said investments for a period of at least 3 years as from the date of the naturalization. Please note that the three-year holding period does not apply for the permanent privately-owned residence, as it should be kept for life.

11.Which family members of the investor does the program apply to?

The Cyprus Investment Programme, applies to the immediate family of the applicant (spouse or partner, minor and adult financially dependent children up to the age of 28, provided they are university students). The investor’s parents may also apply for citizenship after the investor has acquired his/ her citizenship, provided that they are owners of a private residence of at least €500,000 (+VAT). The investor and his/ her parents may collectively acquire one residential property of a total value of at least €1m (+VAT).

12.Will I be paying taxes in Cyprus?

No you will not be paying any taxes in Cyprus. The fact that you become a Cypriot Resident by this programme does not make you automatically a Tax Resident person in Cyprus.

13.Various Terms and Conditions for Applying for the Cyprus Investment Programme:

The applicant must have clear criminal record. He must produce a certificate from local police that he has no criminal convictions. For the examination of the application the applicant is required to submit the following documents:

  • Form M127
  • Sale and Purchase Agreement
  • Certificate of payment of residence
  • For an Investor who has made a combination of investments:
  • He must produce evidence such as the receipt of deposit of the money to the corresponding fund.
  • He must produce evidence such as the receipt from the Treasury of the Republic of Cyprus for the purchase of shares and/or bonds of the Investment Company to be.
  • In Cases of Direct Investments:
  • A copy of the Purchase of immovable property Sale and Purchase Agreement or the Title of the Property and/or  Evidence of the registration of the  purchase agreement at the Department of Land Registry and of course receipt of payment of the agreed purchase price.
  • In cases where the investment takes the form of purchase of a Cyprus company then the sale and purchase agreement must be produced and/or Proof of payment of the agreed price plus a Certificate from the Registrar of Companies showing the new shareholders of the company who must be the investors of course.
  • In cases of the purchase of shares, then the Title the shares is necessary to be submitted.
  • Purchase of financial assets: Proof of ownership and purchase of the financial assets.
  • Bank Deposits in Any Bank Account in Cyprus:
  • A Bank Statement as confirmation from any bank in Cyprus, with regards to the deposits of the applicant or of any company where he is the beneficiary owner or of the trusts whereby he is the owner.
  • In cases in which there have been made company deposits where the owner of this Cyprus Company is the beneficiary, then a certificate of the registration of the company from the Cyprus Registrar of Companies must be presented and any other evidence considered important.
  • If the Applicant is Investing in Business Activities in Cyprus Companies:
  • An original copy of the Company Registration Certificate must be produced.
  • Certificate of Shareholders from the Registrar of Companies showing the new Shareholders.
  • Confirmation that the fees for the professional services have been paid. The receipt should be issued by the service providers.
  • A set of audited accounts of the Cyprus Company, for the last 3 years, before the submission of the application of naturalization
  • A confirmation from the Social Insurance Department in proof that the payment of the social insurance of the employees of the Cyprus Company has been effected.

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Cyprus Investment Programme

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