Cyprus Long Stay Visa – May 2022   


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Frequently Asked Questions

No, all you have to do is visit Cyprus once a year.
Yes the application cover your adult children if they are dependent on you, for example if they are students.
Yes, you can invite your parents to visit. It will be easier for them if you have a Long Stay Visa in Cyprus.
Yes of course. Flights to all destinations. Lots of Shops. Supermarkets, Fast Internet. Tel. connections to all the world. Low crime!
No, by residing permanently in Cyprus you do not pay taxes in Cyprus unless you choose to become tax resident in Cyprus.
You will need 1. Passport, 2. Marriage Certificate 3. Birth Certificate for Children, 4. Bank Account in Cyprus, 5. Proof of income from abroad 6. Certificate of Clear Police Record, 7. Health Insurance, 8. Bank Guarantee. Our Firm will assist you to gather and prepare all the documents.
Yes there are schools in Cyprus for all minorities and religions.
Yes you can secure your own driving license. No limitations.

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Cyprus Long Stay Visa – May 2022!

Updated 23 May 2022


What is a long stay visa? How do I get it for 2022? How long does it take to get it? Can a third country citizen get a long stay visa? A long stay visa is a visa to relocate to Cyprus for life! That means that for the rest of your life can get in and out of Cyprus without any other formalities. It covers your family too!


Simple Terms for Long Stay Visa for 2022


Steady income from abroad: You need to show that you have a permanent income from abroad of about E1000 per month such as dividends, pension, interest, rents or other income. If not then you can show a bank deposit of money in your account. of a few thousand Euro. If you have a family, then you must show about E 500 per month income for each one.\


A residence to live in. You have to show that you have a residence to live in, enough for the needs of you and your family.


You will need a bank account in Cyprus or in an EU stated, in your name. You must deposit some money in it. Not a lot. Even a few hundred Euro will suffice.


You will need a temporary Visa. We will get you that before we get the Long Stay Visa for you.  The Long Stay Visa takes about 18 months. During that time you can travel to and from Cyprus on the strength of the temporary visa.


A visit to Cyprus. You need to be in Cyprus when we file your application for a temporary and long stay visa.


Various Documents.  Various documents are of course necessary. They are not so difficult to get, like your passport, a utility bill, a bank account statement, proof or income etc.


We will assist you to gather and prepare those documents, step by step so that you are not inconvenienced. Read more on the subject: More Info for Cyprus Visa.


Persons Covered – May 2022


The Cyprus long stay visa covers husband and wife. It will also cover all children under the age of 18 years old. Any child over 18 but not over 25 who is still studying or is an undergraduate is also covered provided that supporting documentation is presented such as school letter, payment of school fees receipt.


Parents can also be covered on showing extra monthly income or bigger money deposit.  Cyprus Long Stay Visa does not involve buying a property. It is enough if your rent a home. 



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