Cyprus Long Stay Visa –   2021  –  It is For Life! 


Our Firm has since 1979 been offering immigration services to our international clients with great success. We make it simple for you. We have 100% success! We offer very competitive fees. No hidden costs. 
Our professionally trained Administrators, Lawyers and Immigration Experts will support and assist you all the way to prepare your documents and get your Cyprus long stay visa without delays or waste of your money.
See below some quick bullet points on the subject for 2021:

  • Cyprus Long Stay Visa for 2021 can be secured by non EU citizens on proof of a monthly income from abroad.
  • We can get your Cyprus Long Stay Visa in your absence up to a certain stage of the procedure. You do not have to be in Cyprus all the time waiting for your Cyprus Long Stay Visa. A Cyprus Long Stay Visa is a life permanent residence. No more formalities for traveling in or out of Cyprus.
  • The long stay visa in Cyprus includes dependent children and over age children if they are dependent on their parents.

  • Only €427 fee payable for each applicant and 70 Euro for each dependent.
  • Cyprus Long Stay Visa is issued in about 18 months from the day your application is accepted by the Immigration Authority. In the meantime we issue a short stay visa for you so that you can stay in Cyprus until the long stay visa is issued.
  • A group of professional immigration experts and lawyers will handle your application. 100% success rate!  Priority procedures, reasonable legal fees.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, all you have to do is visit Cyprus once a year.
Yes the application cover your adult children if they are dependent on you, for example if they are students.
Yes, you can invite your parents to visit. It will be easier for them if you have a Long Stay Visa in Cyprus.
Yes of course. Flights to all destinations. Lots of Shops. Supermarkets, Fast Internet. Tel. connections to all the world. Low crime!
No, by residing permanently in Cyprus you do not pay taxes in Cyprus unless you choose to become tax resident in Cyprus.
You will need 1. Passport, 2. Marriage Certificate 3. Birth Certificate for Children, 4. Bank Account in Cyprus, 5. Proof of income from abroad 6. Certificate of Clear Police Record, 7. Health Insurance, 8. Bank Guarantee. Our Firm will assist you to gather and prepare all the documents.
Yes there are schools in Cyprus for all minorities and religions.
Yes you can secure your own driving license. No limitations.

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Cyprus Long Stay Visa is for Life!


If you long to be a European resident for life and forget all those frustrating immigration procedures every time you want to travel to Cyprus please read this article carefully.  Our Firm has since 1979 been offering visa and other immigration services to our international clients like you. Trust us. Trust the experts.


Simple Terms for Long Stay Visa


1. Steady income from abroad: You need to show that you have a permanent income from abroad of about E1000 per month such as dividends, pension, interest, rents or other income. If not then you can show a bank deposit of money in your account of a few thousand Euro. Not too much, 30000 Euro upwards is enough. if you have a family, then you must show about E 500 per month income for each one. If not then a bigger deposit or money is required.


2. A residence to live in. You have to show that you have a residence to live in, enough for the needs of you and your family. So if you have a wife and two young children a two bedroom apartment will be enough. It can be rented or owned. If it is rented then you will need a rental agreement for at least a year!


3. You will need a bank account in Cyprus in your name. You must deposit some money in it. Not a lot. Even a few hundred Euro will suffice.


4. You will need a temporary Visa. We will get you that before we get the Long Stay Visa for you. the temporary visa is given right away. The Long Stay Visa takes about 18 months. During that time you can travel to and from Cyprus on the strength of the temporary visa. The cost for the temporary visa is included in the fee we quote for you for the Long Stay Visa.


5. A visit to Cyprus. You need to be in Cyprus when we file your application for a temporary and long stay visa.


6. Various Documents.  Various documents are of course necessary. They are not so difficult to get, like your passport. We will assist you to gather and prepare those documents, step by step so that you are not inconvenienced.


We will get you your Cyprus life visa fast and with no fuss. Our immigration expert was for over thirty years a director in the Immigration Department of the Government. He will assist you all the way to get your Cyprus long stay visa without any inconvenience without wasting your time and money.  Read more on the subject:


Persons Covered by the Cyprus Long Stay Visa


The Cyprus long stay visa covers husband and wife. It will also cover all children under the age of 18 years old. Any child over 18 but not over 25 who is still studying or is an undergraduate is also covered provided that supporting documentation is presented such as school letter, payment of school fees receipt. Parents can also be covered on showing extra monthly income or bigger money deposit.  Cyprus Long Stay Visa does not involve buying a property. It is enough if your rent a home. For full details and info on the subject of Cyprus Long Stay Visa, please follow the link.


Opening of a Local Bank Account


In support of your application for Cyprus long stay visa, you must open a local bank account in your name and deposit a sum of money in it. As suggested above a few hundred euro will be enough. Our Firm will of course assist you to open a bank account in the bank of your preference. Call us or email for a quote. 

Source of the money is not of any concern for the Cyprus immigration authorities. If you want more information on how to open a Cyprus bank account follow this link, where you will find a lot of material and advice: How to Open a Bank Account in Cyprus.

You can buy or rent a house


You can buy or rent a house in which to live for your Cyprus Long Stay Visa. A legal entity such a Cyprus limited company can buy the house in the place of the foreign applicant for a long stay visa,  provided that he and or his wife too are the 100% shareholders of this company. Find a lot of material and advice on how to incorporate a Cyprus company in the following link: Cyprus Company Incorporation.  

In the case of a couple these provisions apply to the two of them together not each one of them separately. For more information on how to find the suitable real estate in Cyprus follow this link:  Cyprus Real Estate Services.


Amenities Which You Can Enjoy in Cyprus

Cyprus has one of the best educational systems in the World. There are Schools everywhere for every nationality and religion but mostly Greek or English language. The crime rate is very low. Religious groups of all religions live in harmony in Cyprus. There are air connections every day to all counties in the world. The banking system is very safe, fast and low in charges and fees. Telecommunications are fast and internet is very fast and available everywhere. The local food and delicacies are very tasty with Halloumi cheese being known all over the planet. There are malls in all cities and reach shops for clothes, shoes, jewelry, cars, electric and electronic goods etc. Everything. The population of Cyprus is 800.000 people.



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