Banking in Cyprus For The Professional

Banking In Cyprus-Cyprus Internet Banking: Cyprus Banking has come a long way. It is now a fully ripe and professional sector of the Cypriot financial life. By banking in Cyprus you get a lot of advantages for yourself and a powerful tool for your business. For example Cyprus internet banking is professional feature that leaves nothing to be desired. Some Facts and data for Banking in Cyprus and internet banking in Cyprus are: In today`s competitive business world and globalized trade, banking has become one of the major matters for a wise entrepreneur. Cyprus banking has to offer speed, low costs, reliability, professionalism, personal service, all terms too well known in the Banking world.

Banking in Cyprus-Cyprus internet banking and a Cyprus Bank Account will bring home to you that you can have all these advantages and much more. Internet banking Cyprus is a huge plus for any entrepreneur. Since the creation of the independent Republic, Cyprus banking has advanced by leaps and bounds. Cyprus has become an international crossroads of Banking. So does banking in Cyprus. There are more than 40 local and International Banks operating in Cyprus now, under the watchful eye of the Central Bank of Cyprus which exercises a strict, rigid overseeing and control over all Cyprus banks and Cyprus banking activities. See Central Bank of Cyprus.

Internet Banking in Cyprus will serve as the power tool for your business’s growth and profitability. Cyprus banking offers you all the professional and business characteristics your business will ever need. Cyprus internet banking offer many benefits such as fast opening, no physical presence, debit card valid all over the world, multi-currency, low bank fees, no terms for minimum initial deposits, personal service, swift transfers at the touch of a button from your office or home and much much more. Internet banking in Cyprus is a pleasure and can help you avoid costs and waste of time. Internet banking is nowadays a must and yet not all banks elsewhere offer it.

So go for the Cyprus Bank Account with full internet banking today. Our Law Firm can assist your open your Cyprus Bank Account with Cyprus internet banking features, without fuss and at minimum costs. The requirements for opening a bank account are minimal. A copy of your passport, a utility bill and your company`s papers, are all you need . If you have any questions we will be glad to answer them for you. A Bank account in Cyprus is as professional, as confidential as fast as safe and as professional as in any other Banking centers and without the fuss! Banking in Cyprus offers a lot of benefits to the big company or the private Entrepreneur. A businessman who needs fast banking, professional services and a wide range of banking products will not be disappointed if he banks in Cyprus.

Banking in Cyprus-Cyprus Internet Banking Products

Banking in Cyprus-Cyprus Internet Banking will offer you apart from fast, professional, confidential, fuss free services and Banking in Cyprus-Cyprus internet banking, some or all of the following Banking Services or products: A. Deposit Bank Accounts Bank deposit accounts can be divided in various categories such as sight, notice or fixed bank accounts. Such bank accounts can be had in almost all major currencies saving you the cost of exchange rates at any given moment which can be adverse. Sight Bank Account: This is a bank account which serves a private businessman or individuals, however it is especially preferred by Corporations. Some of the advantages and benefits offered by Cyprus banks (especially the major Cyprus banks) with this account are: direct credit of the incoming funds –funds are directly available-all currencies –can be connected to a card account –accepts standing orders etc. Fixed Bank Account:

This particular type of Bank Account in Cyprus is especially advantageous as it offers the possibility of any period of time for up to 4 or 5 year deposit periods. You can have your deposit in almost any major currency and can be renewed automatically without you losing your time to visit the Banks in Cyprus to sign renewals. One of the major advantages of this type of bank account is that it can be used as collateral at most Banks in Cyprus, for securing a loan! Notice Accounts: Such an account can be used to enhance your business liquidity and cash-flow planning. You can have it in from 8 to 180 days notice period in all major currencies and you may make new deposits in it at any time. How to Open a Bank Account in Cyprus.

Banking in Cyprus also Offers Escrow Bank Services

Banking in Cyprus-Cyprus internet banking:  Modern day conditions in an environment of free trade and globalization, has put a heavy demand on businesses and businessmen all over the planet for fast, reliable, professional transfer of moneys and banking services. Banking in Cyprus-Cyprus Internet Banking offers an escrow Bank account which will be very useful in cases such as transfer of ownership of a business, or property, or shares,a purchase contract, as a guarantee for any contractual liability, for exercising a share option and many other business transactions.

Thus by setting up a Cyprus Escrow Bank account you can secure a quick and fuss free way to execute any specialized business agreements. You can be certain that documents/funds/property can be released or transferred according to the contract and the release terms of the escrow account. You can rest easy that the money pertaining to your contract is held by a professional reliable ad trusted partner who will protect your interests to the last iota!

Cyprus Banking Private Banking

In  Banking in Cyprus-Cyprus internet banking, private banking is a major product offered freely easily, fast and fuss free to any private person be he a local Cyprus resident, or an individual from almost any country of the world! Through most Banks in Cyprus, Banking in Cyprus-Cyprus internet banking offers you a prodigious variety of investments to choose from such as shares equities, bonds, foreign exchange, funds, hedge funds, commodities such as gold or other precious metals, gas, oil etc. Services extended with this type of banking may include advisory consulting, research correlated products or services and of course execution.

Letters of Guarantee can be issued on a customized agreement to support Tenders (with Governments or the private business sector). Execution of contracts – Advance payments. Documents credits will help you carry out your exports and imports increase your business and clients or providers. They are the “lock, stock and barrel of every businessman in his endeavor to prevail in today`s extreme business conditions and highly antagonistic environment.

So Import letters of Credit, Export letters of credit, Transferable and Divisible L.Cs and Back to Back L.Cs will enhance your business activity and increase your turnover, so essential for surviving and thriving in difficult times. Many types of cards are available through your Cyprus bank accounts, be that a personal bank account or a corporate bank account. Cards such as VISA, AMERICAN EXPRESS, and Mastercard, are readily available to help you with your trading, or shopping or entertainment or to have cash readily available from ATMs in any part of the world. Some cards (anonymous) can offer you full confidentiality for all the known reasons.

Why choose Banking in Cyprus-Cyprus Internet Banking

For many reasons, Banking in Cyprus-Cyprus internet banking offers you the ultimate services needed for your personal or corporate needs on a fast, professional, cost effective manner, such as:

  1. Confidentiality: In Cyprus only the Bank has the details of the account holder. Bank account and banking services are absolutely confidential. Cyprus is not bound by agreements to divulge information to any local authority or foreign country!
  2. Fast Bank Account: You can open an offshore bank account in Cyprus very fast compared to other countries. It is possible to have a Cyprus Bank Account open in 5-6 working days, whilst you might need months in other jurisdictions.
  3. Low Costs and Fees: It costs comparatively much less in fees for opening a bank account in Cyprus (or an offshore bank account) at the Cyprus Banks and banking charges are much more reasonable than in many other countries.
  4. Banking in Cyprus-Cyprus internet banking: No need to Travel: One of the biggest gains and advantage for the businessman is that his Cyprus Offshore Bank Account can be set up in almost all banks in Cyprus without wasting time to travel to Cyprus to sign the Bank account form and agreements!
  5. You save time, you save trouble, you save a lot of costs.
  6. Banking in Cyprus-Cyprus internet banking (and Cyprus Offshore Banking) offers all the products for you to be able to be competitive in a harsh, acetic, business environment, such as Offshore Bank Account (for your offshore company and offshore activities), online banking, credit/debit card, digipass, codes, multi-currency accounts, finance, investments, wealth protection etc.
  7. Banking in Cyprus-Cyprus internet banking: Through the Cyprus Banking services, you get online banking. You have at your fingertips in the privacy of your office or your home a whole and complete bank. Online banking in Cyprus is a very effective tool of modern Banking, dedicated to the businessman as the ultimate Banking facility.