The FBME Bank Dispute

April 5, 2015

The fbme bank dispute:   After a report by the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network which is department of the US Treasury which alleged that the FBME Bank was raising money-laundering concerns, the Central Bank of Cyprus asked to investigate the bank. Two independent firms were appointed for the job. Ernst and Young and the international law […]…


Cyprus Currency Controls To Be Cancelled

April 3, 2015

Currency Controls Cancelled   NICOSIA 03 April 2015. The president of Cyprus speaking in a news conference on 03 April 2015 has announced that all remaining restrictions on the movement of funds in and out of Cyprus will be removed in the coming days. The president noted that this move is necessary to restore the […]…


Cyprus Special Contribution To Be Cancelled

March 2, 2015

Cyprus Special Contribution for the Defence to be Cancelled for Foreign Investors and Companies Who pay Special Contribution for the Defence in Cyprus? On which kind of income or revenues is it paid?   Special contribution for the defence is levied by the Special Contribution for the Defence of Cyprus (Law No. 117(I) of 2002 […]…


Citizenship For Laiki Victims

February 20, 2015

Laiki Victims Citizenship Citizenship for Laiki Victims: Did you know that if you are one of the unfortunate investors who lost money in the Laiki Bank bankruptcy, you have the right to apply for a Cyprus Passport and citizenship for you and your family ? The sum lost in Laiki, must have been €3 000 […]…


The Cyprus Tax Haven Status

October 16, 2014

Cyprus Tax Haven Many think of Cyprus as a Tax Haven. The Cyprus Tax Haven status is very different from the so called Tax Havens of other jurisdictions! What is a Tax Haven by definition? A Tax Haven is a country in which an offshore company operating from its soil doing business only abroad (Offshore) […]…


Hong Kong Business Registration Certificate

March 14, 2014

HK Business Registration Certificate Fee Back     Hong Kong Business Registration Certificate: Hong Kong Government in its effort to advise foreign businesses in time has announced that the Revenue Order 2013 for the Reduction of Business Registration Fees, which did away with the need to pay a business registration fee each year for a […]…


Cyprus IBC Gets Four New DTTs

March 6, 2014

New Double Tax Treaties for Cyprus IBC   Check Your Country`s DTT. Great Tax Advantages.   Cyprus IBC Gets Four New DTTs:  As it is well known Cyprus has already signed a large number of double tax treaties with various countries ranging from the US to Russia, the UK and India. More than 43 double […]…


Malta-US Tax Agreement

February 28, 2014

Tax Agreement   Malta-US Tax Agreement.  Malta has a few days ago signed the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act agreement with the U.S. For the United States to receive from Malta the information they require and submit it to their own Tax Authority they had to proceed with the signing of the above mentioned agreement […]…