Laiki Victims Citizenship

Citizenship for Laiki Victims: Did you know that if you are one of the unfortunate investors who lost money in the Laiki Bank bankruptcy, you have the right to apply for a Cyprus Passport and citizenship for you and your family ? The sum lost in Laiki, must have been €3 000 000 or more. The whole procedure normally takes about 4 to 6 months.

Yes this is true. Instead of having to invest €5 000 000 in real estate which is the rule, all you have to do is buy a house for the family worth €500 000 plus vat and you can apply for a Cyprus passport right away. The application and the ensuing citizenship will cover the husband the wife and any children. Become a citizen of Europe for only half a million and live in the great European family. For more information on the general subject of obtaining the Cyprus Passport, the rules, the procedures etc you can follow this link: Cyprus Passport.

For those who lost less than €3 000 000 they have to invest the difference up to €5 000 000 in real estate or other assets such as business concerns or government bonds.

Our firm has been offering immigration services since 1979. Our vast experience is at the disposal of our clients. The procedure for obtaining the Cyprus citizenship is complicated but the expert assistance of our experts will help you step by step and will have a minimum role. Everything will be done for you at your convenience and at your own terms.

Advantages of Cyprus Citizenship

The advantages of being a citizen of Cyprus are great. Cyprus is a sunny island with 360 days of sunshine. It has a very developed economy with a mature and very professional banking system, a safe environment with very low criminality for raising ones family, air connections to hundreds of destinations, a university and a lot of other third level school and colleges and a lot of tasty locally produced fruits, vegetables meats and cheeses. Halloumi cheese which is world renowned can be enjoyed every day at low prices and the local population is always friendly and welcoming.

For general information on Cyprus immigration and long term Cyprus visa or other information there is plenty of material in our site by following this link: Cyprus long stay visa.