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Hong Kong Business Registration Certificate: Hong Kong Government in its effort to advise foreign businesses in time has announced that the Revenue Order 2013 for the Reduction of Business Registration Fees, which did away with the need to pay a business registration fee each year for a one year certificate, will expire on the 1st of April 2014. After that date in order to secure the yearlong certificate each business must pay the prescribed fee which is HKD 2000.



Under the Revenue Order 2013, the fee for a business registration certificate were reduced by HKD 2000 for all local companieswhich had been incorporated under the invitation of HK for a one stop company registration program ending on 31st of March 2013. A program which brought an increase of about 17% in the foreign incorporation of companies in HK. Businesses had however been paying despite that, the annual due for the protection of wages on insolvency fund on each business registration certificate!



Therefore for any business registration certificate issued on a date after 1st of April 2014 a fee of HKD 2000 will have to be paid for the one-year certificate. The HK inland revenue department has anticipated that a upsurge in the registration of new businesses will be anticipated in the period ending March 2014. Hong Kong has been steadily growing in recent years into one of the major financial centers worldwide. It is now considered as a prestige jurisdiction and despite that it is a no tax haven it is not in any way blacklisted in any country including the US of A.



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