New Double Tax Treaties for Cyprus IBC


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Cyprus IBC Gets Four New DTTs:  As it is well known Cyprus has already signed a large number of double tax treaties with various countries ranging from the US to Russia, the UK and India. More than 43 double tax treaties make Cyprus the ideal jurisdiction for the Cyprus IBC to be your perfect power tool for your international tax strategy. It is the only EU company paying 12.5% corporate tax flat and no other taxes whatsoever. Dividend tax is 0%, tax on revenues from trading in securities of all kinds is also 0% and profits from rights of intellectual property is taxed at only 2%! It also does not pay any tax on the profits from the sale of immovable or other properties held abroad, or on profits from permanent establishments abroad and many more other benefits and tax incentives. For a whole list of the tax advantages of this Cyprus type of company which can be used in the form a holding company to hold shares in other companies in Cyprus or abroad and benefit of the very favorable tax benefits, follow this link: Cyprus Holding Company Advantages.


Coming to increase even more the attractiveness of this type of company, four new double tax treaties have been signed beginning of February 2014. A new tax treaty was signed with Estonia, with Finland, with Portugal and with Spain! These agreements are expected to increase trade and financial activities between these countries and Cyprus and create economic ties and reciprocal investments. It can now offer great services and assist the international entrepreneur to achieve his goals in his international tax optimization schemes better than any other jurisdiction.


Apart from the four double tax treaties signed according to the Ministry of Finance another three are on the way to completion with Switzerland, Norway and Malaysia and so it now enjoys a rather friendly and relaxed tax system which encourages and assists foreign investors to develop their international activities through its utilization. For more info on how to form a Cyprus company and educate yourself on the costs, the procedures, the time schedule, the documents needed for the formation of a company in Cyprus, follow this link:Cyprus Company Formation.


A recent reviewing and resigning of the Ukrainian double tax treaty has also been recently completed. The revised agreement retains some most important characteristics making the Cyprus IBC a highly favorable holding company for the investment of Ukrainians in shares of property holding companies as the profits from the sale of shares and other securities in Cyprus are taxed at 0% tax rate! Thus the Ukrainians can buy and sell immovable property in Ukraine tax free! It is very often used by Ukrainians taking benefit from the provisions of the double tax treaty with Cyprus.



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