Cyprus Online Bank Account – May 2022

Updated 01 May 2022


Cyprus Online Bank Account: Requirements for opening a Bank Account Online, for 2022. Who can open a bank account online? Documents required for opening an Online Bank Account. Cost of online bank account.


How Can I Open a Cyprus Bank Account Online


Your presence in not required. We can open your account in a few days by email and courier. An online bank account saves you time and money. Our Firm is well networked to open your account in your absence with a minimum of inconvenience and minimum documentation!


Online Bank For 2022


Your Online Bank account can be ready to accept deposits in just 10-12 days. That fast! Can you believe that?  Your presence is not necessary. Minimum opening deposit.


We are Official Introducers to almost all the big Banks in Cyprus and have special arrangements for the opening of Offshore Online Cyprus Bank Accounts and for Cyprus Online Bank Accounts.


Two Aspects to the Meaning ` Online Cyprus Bank Account:


By `Online Bank Account` for 2022 we mean that you can open your bank account in Cyprus without you having to visit the Bank.

Everything is done from your office, by email, fax and courier. We send you all the bank agreements by scan and email.


You download sign and return to us by courier. In the courier package you can include apart from the bank account opening agreements, the hard copy of your utility bill and any other documents which may be needed in your case. Your Plastic Card, the Codes and other instructions and documents needed by the Bank to be signed are sent to you by email or courier after the account is open.


In fact you will never have to visit the bank.



By `Cyprus Online Bank Account` we mean that the account holder has at his disposal the `online Banking` or `i-banking` or `internet banking` as it is better known.


This works like this: You log into your account on your pc by using the special codes. You choose transfers. You prepare the transfer form and use your digipass machine to give you a onetime code number. This makes your bank account safe from hacking. You press `confirm` and the money is gone…


Online banking offers tremendous advantages to you as it is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all the year round. Taking into account the different time zones, that is a huge advantage. It means that you can make a payment and seal a deal from the comfort of your office pc while your trade partners are sleeping.


An online bank account saves you also a lot of time in trying through your bank to transfer the money. The Bank needs signatures, it needs you to fill in forms, it needs confirmations and you have to wait…


An offshore online bank account in Cyprus also saves you a lot of costs. The fees charged by the Cyprus Banks for online banking are very low and comparable to those of the best big banks in the world.


Online Banking in 2022 must normally be fast, fuss free and fun, not a chore. It can save you time and not waste your time and it can save you costs and fees.





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