What are the formalities needed to open a bank account in Cyprus? Do I have to travel to there to open a Bank account in Cyprus? Is it very expensive in opening a Bank account in Cyprus? These and other questions are often asked by clients. We have been assisting clients to open a Bank account in Cyprus since 1979! Trust the experts for your piece of mind for opening a Bank Account in Cyprus for you. Fast , fuss free and at reasonable costs. Opening a Bank account in Cyprus is in fact fun. You can do it from your office armchair. You do not have to be present and waste your time and money. Our firm will open a Bank account in Cyprus for you by fax, email and courier. To open a Bank Account in Cyprus all you have to do is to drop us an email and we will do the rest. As simple as that.

A Bank account in Cyprus has a lot of professional features to offer you. Unlike some other jurisdictions opening a Bank account in Cyprus is very fast. We can open a Bank account in Cyprus for you in a few days.  Our law firm in its effort to assist its international clientele offers among its extensive variety of legal and corporate services a wide range of services related to banking, such as opening a Bank account in Cyprus, offshore bank accounts in other jurisdictions, opening of personal accounts and of course a Cyprus corporate Bank accounts. For more information on banking in Cyprus please click this link: Cyprus Bank Account.

Cyprus Internet Banking

In today’s globalized trading conditions opportunities are taken or lost very fast. Moving fast is an advantage. Time is money. Using our Cyprus Internet Banking, you have at your fingertips a whole Bank with all its banking facilities on your office desk. In a matter of minutes you can check your balances, you can make payments, and you can move funds in or out of your account or in or out of Cyprus. Cyprus internet banking is fast, fuss free, cheap and most of all fully professional. Most Cyprus Banks offer Cyprus internet banking at no extra cost. Internet banking in Cyprus is so advanced that you will need not other bank account. Money deposited in a Bank Account in Cyprus can be moved in and out of Cyprus at any time without any restrictions at all. Money coming out of a Bank Account in Cyprus is acceptable all over the world by all banks without reservations. When you are using Cyprus internet banking you will have all the following professional features and facilities:


In the world of business, your security is of paramount importance. With the cyber crime on the rise, a Cyprus bank is minded to protect its clients to the highest possible degree. When opening a bank account in Cyprus a digipass machine is issued to you. When using Cyprus internet banking a digipass machine is your guarantee to safety and that your money stay put, where they are supposed to be – in your bank account in Cyprus. So if a criminal secures your Cyprus bank account codes, he will not be able to appropriate your funds, if he does not have your digipass machine too! So look after it like a baby!

Bank account in Cyprus – Credit/Debit/Electron Card

A bank account in Cyprus offers internet banking to the account holder with the use of all types of credit/debit cards. A credit card for any amount of credit desired, a debit card with blockage of the required overdraft sum or the Electron easy go card, which can be used for the funds available in the cardholder’s account without blocking any of your money! A Cyprus bank’s card of any type is a 100% secure. It can be used all over the world for shopping, pay for trading transactions, your hotels or restaurants, air travel or withdrawing cash for ATM machines in any country of the world. Your Cyprus money will follow you anywhere. No questions asked!

Open a Bank account in Cyprus with Multi-Currencies

Opening a Bank account in Cyprus gives you a multi-currency bank account at no extra charge for such currencies like Euro, USD, Swiss Franc, UK GBP or any other currency! In today`s globalized trading conditions it is of paramount importance for every company to be able to accept more than one currency and save on exchange rates. So your money will sit in your bank account and wait until you have the need for it. Pay in USD or Swiss Franc directly from your bank account in Cyprus, and save yourself time and exchange rate fees.

Personal Presence is Not Required

Opening a bank account in Cyprus does not require your physical presence at any time. Save your valuable time, save costs, save fuss. All the necessary procedure is carried out by E R TEAM, through the email and scanner or the fax and the international couriers, fast and effectively. Confidentiality of a bank account in Cyprus is now 100% as Cyprus is not revealing banking information to any country. Only the Ultimate Beneficial Owners (UBO) of a Cyprus company and his Cyprus bankers are aware of the names of the Real Owner or (UBOs) of the Cyprus company. Not the income tax, not the vat, not the Cyprus Government not any third country, has access to this sensitive information.

Low Fees and Charges for Your Cyprus Bank Account

Open a Bank Account in Cyprus and you enjoy our privileged banking environment of low banking fees and charges. Ask us to send you the fees for any bank account in Cyprus and you will realize that you are paying much more for your Bank account for any other bank account anywhere else. Opening a bank account in Cyprus fees are between €70 and €150, and this includes the cost of the digipass machine, the plastic card and the courier fees for the dispatch of your bank account in Cyprus, material to your door! The only other costs you will have are the fees or the lawyers who are going to do the introductions to the bank and follow the procedure of the preparation of the bank agreements.

Open a Bank Account in Cyprus

No Minimum Deposit Limitations for Your Bank Account in Cyprus

Open a bank account in Cyprus and you can deposit in it as little money as you desire. Even two or three hundred Euro will be fine. A Cyprus bank will not coerce the Cyprus bank account holder into divulging fees and charges to the bank, unnecessarily. A Cyprus bank respects its clients and offers its services if and when needed at reasonable rates. Cyprus Internet Banking is now available to all Cyprus bank account holders, readily, easily, and cheaply. You can do all your banking transaction online without wasting your time, satisfy all your banking needs quickly and effectively. Checking your account movement, moving funds fast, paying bills, or settling your trading partners are now all at your fingertips!

Cyprus Banks Are Supervised by the Central Bank of Cyprus

The Director of the Central Bank of Cyprus has the duty and the power by law to regulate and monitor all Cyprus Banks and impose fines and penalties and even recall a license of any bank that is infringing the Central Bank regulations and directives. He is a person who has had extensive experience in big banks before he was appointed to this vital post. Cyprus Banking, have no choice but to abide by the rules and carry out good and wise banking. Some of the best banks in Cyprus are the Piraeus Bank, Alpha Bank Cyprus, USB Bank, Hellenic Bank Cyprus, Societe Generale Cyprus, National Bank of Greece (Cyprus), FBME Bank etc. For more information or for opening a Cyprus bank account or a bank account in any other country please follow the link below.