Easy Bank Account in Cyprus. Simple Fast and Fuss Free – 2022


Easy Bank Account in Cyprus:  Our Firm has since 1979 been offering banking services to our international clients. We can open a corporate or personal bank account for you or your company in Cyprus or in other countries.

Bank accounts in Cyprus offer many facilities the most important of which are:

  1. Full internet banking allowing transfers without any limitations 24/7,
  2. Multi-currency features i.e. you can have the account in Euro and USD and GBP or any other currency.
  3. Debit card valid all over the world and allowing cash withdrawals from ATMs,
  4. Your account will also allow SEPA payments,
  5. SMS message on your mobile with password number,
  6. No minimum deposit terms, no minimum monthly balances,
  7. No taxes on your capital or interests earned, no taxes on any money coming through your bank account,
  8. No restrictions on payments in or out,
  9. Minimum supporting documentation for transfers in or out of the account,
  10. Low bank fees.


We have been assisting clients to open Bank accounts in Cyprus since 1979!  Trust the experts for your piece of mind to Open an Easy Cyprus Bank Account for you fast , fuss free and at reasonable costs. YOUR PRESENCE IS NOT REQUIRED!

 For more information on Banking in Cyprus please click this link: Cyprus Corporate or Personal Bank Accounts.

Cyprus Internet Banking


In today’s globalized trading conditions opportunities are taken or lost very fast. Moving fast is an advantage. Time is money. Using our Cyprus Internet Banking, you have at your fingertips a whole Bank with all its banking facilities. In a matter of minutes you can check your balances, you can make payments, and you can move funds in or out of your account or in or out of Cyprus. Cyprus Internet Banking is fast, fuss free, cheap and most of all fully professional.


Credit/Debit Card – 2022


Easy Bank Account in Cyprus: Internet Banking offers the account holder all types of credit/debit cards. Valid all over the world for payment of travelling, hotels, shopping and withdrawing cash at ATM machines all over the word.


Multi-Currency Cyprus Bank Accounts


Cyprus Internet Banking offers you a multi-currency bank account at no extra charge for such currencies like Euro, US dollar, Swiss Franc, UK Sterling or any other exotic currency! In today`s globalized trading conditions it is of paramount importance for every company to be able to accept more than one currency and save on exchange rates.


No Minimum Deposit Limitations for Your Easy Bank Account in Cyprus


Open an Easy bank account in Cyprus and you can deposit in it as little money as you desire. Even two or three hundred Euro will be fine. A Cyprus bank will not coerce the Cyprus bank account holder into divulging fees and charges to the bank, unnecessarily.


A Cyprus bank respects its clients and offers its services if and when needed at reasonable rates. Cyprus Internet Banking is now available to all Cyprus bank account holders, readily, easily, and cheaply. You can do all your banking transaction online without wasting your time, satisfy all your banking needs quickly and effectively. Checking your account movement, moving funds fast, paying bills, or settling your trading partners are now all at your fingertips!


Cyprus Banks Are Safe


The Director of the Central Bank of Cyprus has the duty and the power by law to regulate and monitor all Cyprus Banks and impose fines and penalties and even recall a license of any bank that is infringing the Central Bank regulations and directives.


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