Belize Offshore Company Formation can be done in 4 working days. Our firm has been offering corporate services since 1979! It is an uncomplicated procedure which can be done without you having to be present or visit Belize. It is simple, fast and cheap compared to jurisdictions like Hong Kong or Singapore or any country in the EU. It also offers fast and cheap maintenance procedures, such as changes for its name, or directors, or capital, shareholders etc. A Belize company is a legal entity and is entitled to carry out any trade or profession as any physical person can do. A Belize Offshore Company is usually incorporated in the form of a limited company which means that the members do not have any responsibility for the debts of the company. Belize has English as it`s official language. It was called British Honduras. It is a no tax jurisdiction with a lot of tax incentives for the international entrepreneur and the small and medium companies. It could be helpful for the businessman looking to plan his international tax burdens.

Belize Offshore Company Formation: Requirements

Anyone of age over 18 and any legal entity can own a company in Belize. All that is needed is your passport and your address. Of course a KYC procedure is carried out due to latest regulations. The procedure for the formation is carried out by our firm in your absence. At no stage must you be present, or have to sign anything unless you want to open a bank account for the company. Once the company is registered, we prepare the so called company kit. This is a plastic folder which contains all the company incorporation certificates and the memorandum and articles of association. The kit is sent to you by courier at your office and you can start trading with your company immediately. Our firm can arrange for Nominees to be made available to you either local Belize people or people from our firm. A Nominee director and shareholder can ensure your anonymity if you need it. In that case documents are prepared by the Nominees which secure your ownership of the shares and therefore of the company, and that the Directors will not do anything without your consent. A power of attorney can be granted to you for executing all the company`s business yourself personally.

Belize Company Formation 

The formation fees are paid only once for the formation of the company and the preparation of the incorporation documents. Our company offers very reasonable formation fees, as you can see below in our company package. . After the company formation fees are paid you will have the yearly maintenance fees which recur every year and more or less include the payment of the Government renewal fee, the fee for the registered office address in Belize, the fee for the registered agent, and our yearly legal fees. Some other fees which you may expect to incur, is for obtaining an Incumbency Certificate, a good standing certificate, any new company certificates such as the Incorporation Certificate, a power of attorney, changes in the structure of the company and so on.

Belize Geography

Belize was earlier British Honduras. It is a country which is located on the North Eastern coast of Central America. Belize`s society is diversified by many cultures and languages. It`s language is English. Belize is the only country in Central America where English is the Official language. Kriol and Spanish are mostly spoken. Belize is borders to the North by Mexico, to the south and west by Guatemala, and to the East by the Caribbean Sea.

Belize is about 290 kilometers long and 110 kilometers wide. With almost 23.000 square kilometers of land and a population of only 335 000 inhabitants Belize has the smallest population density in Central America. The country’s population growth rate of 2.21% however, is the highest in the region and one of the highest in the Western hemisphere. Belize is reach with terrestrial and marine life and its diversity of ecosystems give it a key position in the global Meso-american Biological Corridor.

Belize Economy

The Economy of Belize is small, based on the private enterprise economy that is mostly dependent primarily on agriculture, agro-based industry, and merchandising. Tourism and construction recently assumed greater importance. In the year 2006 the exploitation of a newly discovered crude oil field near the town of Spanish Lookout has opened new prospects for this developing nation. The country is a producer of industrial minerals. Sugar is the chief crop which accounts for nearly half of the exports of Belize, while the banana industry is the country’s major income producer.

Belize Offshore Company Tax Benefits

In Belize an offshore company does not have to pay corporate taxes, or vat tax. A Cyprus Offshore Company has equally and even more benefits and tax advantages. It is easy and cheap to incorporate and even more cheap to maintain. For more facts about a Cyprus offshore company follow this link: Cyprus Offshore Company. A Belize company must keep accounts but it does not have to file tax returns, or vat statements. There is no vat tax on offshore operations. Belize is no tax haven and as such it offers great advantages. Belize`s economy is free. Money can be introduced or exported from Belize freely.

A Belize offshore company can be set up quite easily and quickly, without the presence of the Real Owner. The Belize registrar of companies is efficient and fast, and the company registry is very concise and helpful to foreign businessmen. The Belize Company Law is: International Business Companies Act, Chapter 270, as it has been revised and restructured in 2000. It is based on concepts of the UK statute and common law. Article 42 of the Act enacts that a company incorporated in Belize, must always have a registered office, in Belize and article 43 of the company law provides that an offshore company must always have a registered agent in Belize. The public is not allowed to inspect the files of the companies, so your confidentiality is secured.

Quick Facts About A Belize Company

Type IBC
Type of law Statute Law
Time needed set up a new company 3 days
Government fees for a share capital not more than US$50,000 US $100
Income Tax Rate 0 %
Treaties for the Avoidance of Double Taxation None


Common currency of share capital US $
Capital allowed in any currency Any
Minimum paid up capital Not Required
Usual Share Capital registered US $50,000


Minimum number of Directors 1
Local Director required by law No
Corporate directors allowed Yes
Records accessible by public No
Place of meetings of company Directors Anywhere


Minimum number of Shareholders 1
Accessible records to public No
Place of meetings of Shareholders Anywhere


Necessary Optional
Local or qualified No


Requirement to prepare yearly Yes
Auditing No
Filing Accounts No
Accessible accounts to the public No
No need to file annual return No
Re-domiciliation of Company allowed Yes





Choice of one name for free.


Necessary Court Work for incorporation process.


Incorporation Fees to Government paid.


Incorporation Certificates:
Incorporation Certificate
Registered Office Certificate
Resolution Appointing the First Director
Share Certificate


Memorandum & Articles of Association.


Apostil of all Incorporation Certificates.


Registered Agent free for the first year.


Registered Office free for the first year.


Company Resolutions.


Register of Members and Directors.


One Company Rubber Seal.


Full Company kit with company certificates, documents and information letters.


Courier for dispatch of the company kit.




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