Britain votes out of the EU :  Britain votes out of the EU : It is now well known that the majority of the British public has voted to leave the European Union. For every decision follows also the consequence and there a lot of uncertainties are raised at this early stage.

Britain votes out of the EU :The United Kingdom

It may no longer be united after all since Scotland and Wales have voted to stay in the EU which may lead to a division of the UK should Scotland decides to leave UK and join the EU. Questions are raised also with Northern Ireland whether it may decide to leave the UK. The matter does not only concern the division between nations but also London which is in contrast with the majority of leave votes, whilst London voted to stay in the EU.


Following the result of this referendum, the pound dropped dramatically as starter for uncertainties created which may take time to stabilize. It is unknown also the status of relations that will follow between UK and EU after this voting. Market volatility will be very high for an uncertain period since investments will be put on hold, this also created by political uncertainties.


This result may act as a driving force for other member states to act in a similar manner, something which again is uncertain, however it will worry the EU leaders which may act as push towards a European Union which will be reformed to avoid losses.


This topic is perhaps one of the most important after the leave voting since EU citizens that currently reside and live in the UK as well as British citizens in EU member states would be lost at this point in terms of the personal effects. Possible movements of a large number of residents either to the UK and those back to EU creates questions and uncertainty in terms of the job market and the economy in general. Again there are a lot of possibilities and assumptions and it will not be a short process the negotiations between the UK and the UK as to their future relations





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