BVI Company Formation: Fast Incorporation. No Taxes. One of the More Respected No Tax Jurisdictions

BVI Company Formation is fast, and can be done totally in your absence, by fax, email and courier. Our firm has extensive experience since 1979 in corporate and legal services. In about 3 to 5 days your BVI company will be over. No fuss . A BVI company can be the power tool to your success as it offers great tax advantages, fast services, confidentiality and much more. BVI is a no tax jurisdiction thus giving you the great opportunity to use it as a tool for your international business. It can be used as a trading company, as an investment company, as a holding company, as a financial company to trade in securities or forex and much more.

As soon as the BVI Offshore Company Formation is over we will prepare the company kit for you and sent to your office by courier. The kit contains all the incorporation certificates of the company in English and appostilled. Such certificates include the incorporation certificate, the first resolution, the share certificate, the memorandum and articles of association etc. The BVI Offshore Company allows the use of Nominees if required to secure your anonymity. Nominees can be local or can be provided by our firm.

BVI is a no tax jurisdiction with a lot of international acclaim. It has a UK based legal system with fast incorporation procedures and many other tax benefits as you can see below. It is a strong candidate jurisdiction to look up for your international tax planning. A Cyprus offshore company has also many merits for your offshore operations. It has low corporate tax, no tax on dividends, no tax on income from the sale of shares. A Cyprus company will offer your a powerful tool that no other jurisdiction will offer. For more reading follow the link: Cyprus Offshore Company. It can be easily combined in a structure with a BVI company to form your optimization tool to success. The BVI does not pay vat, nor does it have the obligation to file audited accounts. Incorporation of company procedures are very fast and comparatively inexpensive. Confidentiality is still high for your asset protection schemes.

Company Formation Procedure

You can begin your BVI Offshore Company simply by sending us a copy of your passport and complete a KYC form. Your BVI Offshore Company will be ready in about 3-6 days. As soon as the company is ready, we will prepare the company kit for you and send it to your office by courier. The company kit will include all the incorporation certificates in English and appostilled, such as the incorporation certificate, the first resolution, the share certificate, the memorandum and articles of association etc. A company seal is also made. The BVI Offshore Company allows the use of Nominees for your confidentiality. The Nominees can be either local or people from our firm. You can ask for more details if you like about this extremely useful service which allows great flexibility in your moves.

Company Formation Fees

The fees paid for the formation of your BVI Offshore Company are paid only once. They include the payment of the Gov fees, the company certificates, the appostil, the company seal, and the legal fees. Fees which you can expect to pay every year for the maintenance of your company include the BVI Government renewal fee, the fee for your Registered Agent, the Registered Office and any other services you may need such as a power of attorney, a good standing certificate, an incumbency certificate etc.

BVI`S Geography

The Virgin Islands are usually called the British Virgin Islands or BVI as they are a British territory. The British Virgin Islands lie in the Caribbean archipelago near Puerto Rico. These islands make up part of the Virgin Islands archipelago, the remaining islands constituting the U.S. Virgin Islands. The Official name of the country is still only the “Virgin Islands”, but the prefix “British” is often used to distinguish it from the neighbouring American territory. The American territory was called the “Danish West Indies” but in 1917 was changed to “Virgin Islands of the United States” . The British Virgin Islands consist of the main islands of Tortola, Virgin Gorda, Anegada and Jost Van Dyke, along with over fifty other smaller islands and cays. About 15 of the islands are inhabited. The capital is Road Town and it is situated on Tortola, the largest island. The islands have a population of about 29 000, of whom approximately 23,000 live on Tortola.

BVI`S Economy

The British Virgin Islands are an offshore financial center and they enjoy one of the more developing economies of the Caribbean region. A per capita average income of around $45.000 make it one of the most prosperous countries of the wider area. The economy is solidly growing on two pillars, Tourism and financial services. In these two sectors thousand are employed. Substantial revenues are reaped by the registration of offshore companies. In June 2008, 825.000 offshore companies were showing as registered in the books of the Registrar of Companies. In 2000 KPMG reported in a survey of offshore jurisdictions that over 42% of the world’s offshore companies were incorporated in the British Virgin Islands. The BVI economy is a free economy. Funds can be imported and exported without any restrictions.

Quick Facts For BVI Company

Type IBC
Type of law Statute Law
Time needed set up a new company 4 days
Government fees for a share capital not more than US$50,000 US $350
Government fees for a share capital more than US$50,000 US $1,100
Income Tax Rate 0 %
Treaties for the Avoidance of Double Taxation None


Common currency of share capital US $
Capital allowed in any currency Any
Minimum paid up capital US $1
Usual Share Capital registered US $50,000


Minimum number of Directors 1
Local Director required No
Corporate directors allowed Yes
Records accessible by public No
Place of meetings of company Directors Anywhere


Minimum number of Shareholders 1
Accessible records to public No
Place of meetings of Shareholders Anywhere


Necessary Optional
Local or qualified No


Requirement to prepare yearly Yes
Auditing No
Filing Accounts No
Accessible accounts to the public No
No need to file annual return No
Re-domiciliation of Company allowed Yes



Choice of one name from our list of Pre-approved company names.


Necessary Court Work for incorporation process.


Incorporation Fees to Government paid.


Incorporation Certificates:
Incorporation Certificate
Registered Office Certificate
Resolution Appointing the First Director
Share Certificate


Memorandum & Articles of Association.


Apostil of all Incorporation Certificates.


Registered Agent free for the first year.


Registered Office free for the first year.


Company Resolutions.


Register of Members and Directors.


One Company Rubber Seal.


Full Company kit with company certificates, documents and information letters.


Courier for dispatch of package.*Note: For Nominees, bank account and other services you may require for your Seychelles company go to our Fees. The prices are the same.




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