Company Formation Cyprus: We make it fast, fuss free and simple. Are you paying too many taxes? Would like to reduce them considerably? There is a drastic solution to this; A Company Formation in Cyprus. We assure you it is. It can be your long term solution to the problem of paying way too high taxes. The corporate tax is only 12.5% and 0% tax on dividends. If you just ponder for a few seconds it will dawn on you that this is the utter high end tool for your tax optimization machine. Only 12.5% tax flat. After that you can begin to relax and enjoy the many tax benefits and tax incentives which are enumerated below. Company Formation Cyprus:   Besides,  setting up a company is fast, fuss free and cost effective, as the incorporation fees are very competitive. You can also have your company without having to travel here, we can do everything by email, courier, fax and telephone. Our in house lawyers will certify all the documents needing to be certified and that will reduce the fees. For more details on the matter of Cyprus Company Registration formalities, fees, time schedules and other technicalities please follow this link: Cyprus Company Registration.

Company Formation Cyprus: Many Benefits

A company formation in Cyprus is complete as soon as the registrar delivers to your lawyers the memorandum, the certificate of formation, the certificate of directors and secretary and the certificate of registered office. Your lawyers will also prepare a company seal and of course your company formation kit in which all the documents and certificates of your company will be inserted and sent to you by courier to your doorstep. After your company is completed you can begin to enjoy a large array of tax benefits and incentives as you have never experienced before. Company Formation Cyprus:  No other country has so friendly tax environment as Cyprus and your profits will be large and quick. A Company Formation Cyprus offers you many of the benefits and advantages which are shown below, but they are not by far an exhaustive list:

  • A Cyprus Company pays only 12 .5% corporate tax on all its profits.
  • It pays 0% corporate tax on the Dividends paid out to the Shareholders.
  • No tax on its revenues from trading in all kinds of securities such as shares, bonds, debentures, forex etc.
  • No tax on profits from any permanent establishment abroad!
  • No tax on all revenues from the sale of any kind of immovable property or other business concerns held abroad!
  • Only 2% tax on all revenues from intellectual rights sold or licensed.
  • After your Cyprus Company Formation is done, you can have bank accounts opened in any country around the world with no problem at all.
  • At the time of the Cyprus Company Formation nominees can act as a secretary, shareholders or directors for the protection of the anonymity of the real owner of the company.
  • No disclosure of the beneficial owners to the public or the government or any third countries.
  • Fast professional and cheap banking system.
  • High end communications with fast internet services.
  • Air links to all destinations.
  • Fully organized and professional law firms for all kinds of legal services.
  • Fully organized and professional accounting firms for all accounting,audit and vat services.
  • A pleasant weather away from tsunamis, or earthquakes, floods or snow blizzards. Just sunshine and good cuisine.

These are only some of the major benefits and tax incentives, of the Cyprus Company. There are many more. Get in touch with us for more information and perhaps a tax planning scheme from our financial and tax experts. Our expertise since 1979 in this field is at your disposal.

Quick Facts About Your Company

Company Formation Cyprus: A Cyprus company is a legal entity of limited liability. This means that as soon as the Formation of your Cyprus Company is completed a new legal entity comes to be whose main legal characteristic is that the members bear responsibility for the company`s liabilities up to sum of money the shares which they have bought in the company are worth. The directors and the secretary of the company after formation, have no responsibility at all to the tax or private creditors for the taxes or debts of the company, as they are just employees of the company and not beneficial owners. Below you can see some vital data and information about the Company Formation in Cyprus:

  1. Type: A limited liability company.
  2. Type of law: Statute law, the Cyprus company law, Cap 113.
  3. Capital: Only in euro, there is no minimum or maximum. A tax of 0.6% is paid on the capital at the time of its incorporation, only once.
  4. Formation Time: A Cyprus company can be incorporated in about 4 days. A licensed lawyer must carry out the Cyprus Company Formation process of your company. By law no one else has the legal right to do that.
  5. Name for the company: Any name can be chosen as long as it is not indecent, does not resemble another registered company`s, and it is not the name of a city, a country or royalty .
  6. Directors of the company: Anyone can be a director of the Cyprus company, regardless of nationality. The majority of the directors must be local tax resident persons, if the company desires to be tax resident. Nominee directors can be appointed for foreign businessmen.
  7. Secretary for the company: Anyone can be the secretary of the company, but a local one is needed if the company is tax resident in Cyprus.
  8. Accounts must be filed annually. They must be audited by a licensed auditor. Re-domiciliation of Company allowed: Yes.

Company Formation Cyprus: A question frequently asked by investors is whether a company formation and a company incorporation is the same thing, i.e. the same type of company, the same procedures, the same requirements or is it something different. Yes incorporation is the same as the formation. Just another way of saying the same thing. For more info and details on Cyprus company incorporation follow this link: Cyprus Company Incorporation.

Company Formation Cyprus: Procedures 

Company Formation Cyprus:  It begins with the choice of a name which must be checked to see if it is approved. Once approved the company formation Cyprus, can begin immediately. Your lawyers will file a the registrar all the necessary documents, like a copy of the memorandum, forms HE 2, HE 4 and HE 57 plus a request for original copies of the formation certificates and of course payment of the dues. In about four days the company formation will be complete and the registrar will deliver to the lawyers original certificates of formation, directors and secretary, shareholders and registered office. Your lawyers will prepare the seal of the company, the register of members, the register of directors, the share certificate, the nominee agreements and trust and of course a company formation kit in which they will insert all the above and send it you by courier. The procedure is thus completed.


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