Cyprus Company Registration on the Rise lately as the Tax Havens are being castigated by the EU, the UN, the US, Russia etc. The Tax Havens are loosing their heavenly appeal. So international enterpreneurs are looking for a legal way to reduce the burden of their taxes. Cyprus is such a country. It is an EU state and a low tax jurisdiction. Cyprus Company Registration is the solution they have been looking for. Only 12.5% corporate tax and 0% Tax on Dividends. Can you realize the magnitude of this?  And there are much more. Many other Tax , Legal and Administrative benefits to get from a Cyprus Company Registration. Get in touch with us today.

Cyprus Company Registration on the Rise : The Problem with the Tax Havens

Cyprus Company Registration on the Rise:  Although not a Tax haven jurisdiction, registration of a legal entity in Cyprus may be considered a good choice due to the numerous advantages offered. Cyprus must not be conceived as a Tax haven, but rather a low-tax jurisdiction which offers great tax advantages. Following the leak of the Panama papers it has revealed important facts about tax evasion, money laundering and other corrupted activities by well-known entities and individuals. A number of Companies formed in such offshore tax haven jurisdictions have been used as vehicles for the activities described above leading to mass corruption. Hundreds of Economists have been urging world leaders to recognize that tax havens offer no economic benefit but rather lead to mass corruption. This has increased awareness of the problem of tax evasion in such jurisdictions.

Why to choose a Cyprus Company

Cyprus Company Registration on the Rise: Following the above, Cyprus Company may offer the perfect solution and is currently on the rise due to the numerous advantages it may offer especially after the current reactions following the leak of the Panama papers. Cyprus Company Registration:  The procedure is in fact very simple and can be done without your presence. In order to register a company in Cyprus, our Company will submit to the registrar all the necessary documents for the registration of your company. Documentation includes the memorandum, the names and contacts of the directors, the shareholders, the secretary and the registered office. In takes about 4-7 days for the Company registration to be completed. Once the Company is registered the following documents are prepared and issued by the registrar which are delivered to our offices: Memorandum and Articles of Association, the certificate of registration, the certificate of directors and secretary and the certificate of registered office.

Cyprus Company Registration Simplified

Cyprus Company Registration: The procedure for registering a Cyprus Company is as follows:

  1. Choose a name for your company.
  2. Declare how much capital to be issued when registering your Cyprus Company.
  3. State who the Director is.
  4. State the Secretary of your Cyprus Company
  5. The Shareholder also must be declared in a Cyprus Company Registration process.
  6. Finally state the address of the Registered Office of your company.

Full nominee services may be offered, such as nominee director or nominee shareholder and of course nominee secretary. For their fees and terms contact us and find out more.

Full Nominee Services available

Cyprus Company Registration on the Rise:  Our firm offers full nominee services for your company. For the Cyprus Company incorporation procedures, fees, formalities and benefits our article on company incorporation is very concise and enlightening: Cyprus Company Incorporation. Cyprus companies by being tax resident offer to the foreign businessman all the benefits that a tax resident company has to offer, such as very low corporate tax at only 12.5%, 0% tax on dividends, 2% tax on revenues from intellectual property rights, 0% tax on revenues from trading in securities and so on. Furthermore, the Company may offer to you a Nominee director and shareholder for full anonymity and confidentiality. Our people are highly qualified and trustworthy individuals.  Please contact us and find out more about our nominee services.

The Main Benefits Of Cyprus Company Registration

As already mentioned above the Cyprus Company Registration may offer many great advantages which are listed below:

  1. A company formed in Cyprus pays only 12.5% corporate tax on its net revenues!
  2. Zero tax on the dividends paid out to its non-resident shareholders.
  3. It pays only 2.5% taxes from revenues from intellectual property rights such as patents, trademarks, books, music, sports rights, films etc.
  4. After its registration a Cyprus company can enjoy the benefit of no tax on dividends received from subsidiary companies all over the world.
  5. Business bank account in only a few days after its incorporation.
  6. The company in Cyprus on its formation, can be logged with the vat authority in 2 days.
  7. It is an EU company and it is enjoys respect all over the world. It is not blacklisted in any country. Cyprus is a low tax jurisdiction and not a no tax, tax haven.
  8. After its registration in Cyprus a company enjoys capital gains tax exemptions on sale of immovable properties abroad.
  9. No contract stamp duties in many occasions.
  10. A Cyprus company pays no tax on profits from permanent establishments abroad!
  11. No tax is paid on any profits made by trading in its own shares or shares of other companies or other securities such a forex, bonds, debentures etc.



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