Cyprus is a Low tax Jurisdiction Not a Tax Heaven

Cyprus Offshore Company and Tax Havens:  The U.K. has set its mind in fighting and preventing tax avoidance and evasion. In their efforts to do that the U.K. sent out letters to various tax haven jurisdictions with the request to join them in the fight against tax avoidance and asking them to be a part of the tax information exchange system aiming to reveal who is responsible for each company that was set up in such corporate jurisdictions. The revealing information regarding the person responsible behind each tax haven company i.e. the beneficiary, must be given away upon request of every authorized agencies of the law, as well as to the tax authorities.Specifically and up until now the U.K. sent out the relative letter to Jersey, Gibraltar, Montserrat, the British Virgin Islands, Turks, Bermuda, Anguilla, Caicos Islands, Guernsey and the Isle of Man.


It is noticeable that as well as the United States and Europe in general are determined to fight tax evasion and we can spot that determination in the fact that their behaviour towards tax haven jurisdictions changed and are getting more strict in their demand of cooperation in the fight against tax avoidance. The U.K. stated that in order to fight tax avoidance and evasion, it has to go on a global basis and that we cannot expect to win this fight by just fighting tax avoidance within a single country. Never the less they accept the fact that it will take time and effort to accomplish the above task and to implement an exchange of information.


Choose Cyprus as a Low Tax Jurisdiction. Avoid Any Future Problems


Although various tax haven jurisdictions are under pressure regarding the tax information exchange, you can very well consider the option of a low tax jurisdiction in which you can incorporate your company and set up your business i.e. Hong Kong, Singapore or Cyprus with the low corporate tax of 12,5% and be at ease that the danger which comes with the setting up of a company at any tax have jurisdiction won’t happen to you if decide to incorporate your company at any of the above low tax jurisdictions.


The pressure on the so called tax haves is mounting from all sides. The US, Russia, the EU, the World Forum, the UK, France and Germany and many other countries have already entered the arena! Soon the pressure will turn into repercussions and the repercussions into an all-out war with sanctions and even legal measures. It looks as though the carefree sanctuary days of the tax havens are nearing the end. We think that soon stringent controls and rules will be adopted before a company in these jurisdictions will be allowed to be incorporated and operate.


In the other hand comparing the Cyprus Offshore Company to these tax havens, it is obvious of how great are the advantages of a Cyprus Offshore Company. Cyprus is member state of the EU so a Cyprus Offshore Company has no problems operating in any EU country and any country in the World for that matter. The Cyprus Corporate tax rate is only 12.5% flat. No tax on dividends, not tax on IP revenues, no tax on revenues from securities, not tax on interests, only 2% tax on revenues from real estate held outside Cyprus, no tax on profits from permanent establishments outside Cyprus, no tax on Capital Gains for property held outside Cyprus and much, much more. No other country can match these incentives and benefits of the Cyprus Offshore Company. Follow this link to see more about Cyprus Company Formation.


So why go for the Tax Havens, where the skies are laden with dark cloud and storms and gale winds are forecast, if you can pay a meager 12.5% tax flat, and have all the above mentioned advantages by operating through a Cyprus Offshore Company, be that a trading company or a Cyprus Holding Company and take refuge in windless economic harbor, where you can operate with a clear mind. Examine the huge benefits of a Cyprus Offshore Company by following this link: Cyprus Offshore Company.


So join the race for safe harbor before the typhoon hits land. Register a Cyprus Offshore Company today. Get in touch with our experts for a tax scheme cut to your measures