Cyprus VAT Registration Number – May 2022

Updated 01 June 2022


How to get a VAT Registration in Cyprus?  How long does it take to get Vat Registration in Cyprus?  Can a foreigner get a VAT Registration Number in Cyprus? What are the requirements for Cyprus Vat Registration Number?


Cyprus Vat Registration for 2022:  In Cyprus every company has to register with the Vat Authority if it will do a turnover of 15600 Euro or more. Holding companies do not need to get a Cyprus Vat Registration Number!


Requirements for Vat number for your company in Cyprus:

1. All the company incorporation certificates,

2. Fill in the application form,

3. Issue your first invoice to prove beginning of trading.

4. A copy of your passport


Our firm will register your company with the VAT Authority in about 3 days.

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Cyprus Vat Rates for 2022


The Cyprus Vat Rates are very favorable to foreign businessmen compared to vat tax rates in other countries. They are only 19% as from 13 January 2014. Vat is charged on all imports into Cyprus of goods or services. That is on every supply of goods imported into the country or services given within the Republic.


The Vat Tax Rate for purchasing real estate is 19% in 2022, but usually the Government grants an exception and allows the charge of 5% Vat Tax!


For more reading about Cyprus Vat, the rates, the goods and services which are taxable and the other Cyprus taxes follow this link: Vat Rates in Cyprus – Cyprus Taxes.



Vat Tax is Levied On Most Goods and Services – June 2022


Cyprus Vat Registration: The standard vat rates in Cyprus is 19% as of the 13th of January 2014. Cyprus Vat is charged on every supply of goods or services at the standard rate of nineteen per cent (19%). Reduced rates of 5% on certain commodities and services.


The reduced rate of 5% is imposed on the supply of coffins, services supplied by undertakers, services of writers, artists, on the supply of fertilizers, foodstuff for animal, live animals and seeds. Also on non bottled water, newspapers, books, periodicals, certain products for persons with special need.


The same goes for ice cream, certain types of nuts (salted etc.), transport of passengers and their accompanying luggage with urban and rural buses. Similarly the same vat tax rate is valid for the letting of camping sites and caravan parks, hair salon services, confectionery product and foods. 


Finally for 2022 the vat tax rate is 5% for bottled water, Juices, medicines, pharmaceutical products, entry fees to theaters, cinemas at sports events, Luna parks and similar cultural events.


Vat Returns Must Be Filed Quarterly


Every taxable person is liable to submit Tax Declarations and pay the vat tax that may be due, usually every three months. Cyprus vat declarations relate to certain tax periods that are made known to the taxable person at the stage of his registration. On the declarations, taxable persons calculate their output tax (the tax on supplies of goods or services they made during the relevant tax period and the vat calculated on the acquisition of goods from other member States.



Zero Rating For Intra Community Supplies


Prior to 1st May 2004 (accession of Cyprus in the EU) all exports of goods to destinations outside Cyprus, qualified for the zero rate of VAT. This continues to be the case for exports to countries outside the EU. However, under the EU VAT arrangements, as from that date a Cypriot trader registered for VAT may zero-rate the supply of goods to a customer in another Member State (MS) provided that:

  • The customer is registered for VAT in the other MS.
  • The customer’s VAT registration number is obtained and retained in the supplier’s records.
  • This number, together with the supplier’s VAT registration number is quoted on the sales invoice.
  • The goods are dispatched and transported to the other MS.
  • The supplier retains appropriate commercial documentary evidence that the goods have been removed from Cyprus.
  • The supplier submits the Recapitulative Statements to the VAT Service.
  • The European VIES System.


VIES (Vat Information Exchange System) contributes to the effectiveness of this new Vat regime and provides a mechanism for preventing and deterring of the abuse of the Vat zero-rating provisions on Intra-Community trade of goods and detecting unreported movements of zero-rated goods between MS. An integral part of the system is a requirement that each MS must store and process specific information which it collects from its traders about their supplies to other MS.



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