Bank Account Information To France


Jersey Agrees To Give Bank Account Information To France: The French Finance Ministry has assured Jersey’s Government that it will be removed from the uncooperative jurisdictions list of France.

France Gets Bank Account Data From Jersey


Representatives from the Ministry of Finance of France met with the representatives of Jersey and informed them that they do recognize and applaud all the efforts made up to now from Jersey to ensure tax information requests.


The Government of Jersey has given priority to this matter and their meeting with French representatives went quite well and that now they are concentrating with keeping the French Authorities satisfied by responding in a positive and satisfying way to all information requests made by them, as they are bound by the Tax Information Exchange Agreement.


This entire procedure first initiated when some outstanding requests for providing information went through the courts of Jersey and were being appealed. Since these cases are about to be heard in due time, Jersey sees it as an opportunity to prove to France that they are more than willing to provide the information requested by them and that Jersey can indeed be removed from France’s blacklist.


Jersey points out its ability and efficiency in exchanging information based on the terms of the Tax Information Exchange Agreement (TIEA) while indicating its commitment to fulfilling obligation of international importance and in all related matters and that now are committed to comply with the terms related to information exchange, which has as a goal to reassure foreign tax authorities.