If you are going to visit our headquarters in Larnaca we recommend you to look up these hotels for luxury or for a quiet business environment at reasonable prices. If you want us to assist you in finding a more suitable hotel please feel free to ask our administrators to recommend you a hotel nearest to your immediate needs without any charge.

1. Lordos Beach Hotel

Lordos Beach Hotel

This spacious luxury hotel is on the seafront where you can swim even in the winter. It`s only 20 minutes from the airport and ten minutes from town. It is a 4 star Hotel and it has breath-taking gardens and view.Plenty of bus and taxi transportation at very low prices.
Link: http://www.lordosbeach.com.cy

2. Golden Bay Beach Hotel

Golden Bay Beach Hotel

The Golden Bay Beach Hotel ranks among the most prestigious hotels in Cyprus. It is a five star hotel with spacious rooms, luxury business facilities and a tantalizing cuisine. Twenty minutes from the airport and ten minutes from town. Frequent transportation by taxi or bus at very low cost.
Link: http://www.goldenbay.com.cy

3. Sundy Beach Hotel

Sundy Beach Hotel

Smack on the sea front. Playing with the sand and the waves. Smell the fresh iodine air. Ten minutes from town. Fantastic gardens and spacious rooms.Business center, spa and all amenities.Only a few minutes from town and about twenty minutes from the airport.Twenty four hour transport by bus or taxi at reasonable cost.

4. Palm Beach Hotel

Palm Beach Hotel

The Hotel has had recent extensive renovations. It is on the beach, with graceful cost and palm trees giving it a serene atmosphere characteristic of the Mediterranean sea. It has five star facilities and services and offers a delicious range of local and international cuisine. It will be an unforgettable experience.
Link: http://www.palmbeachhotel.com

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