A Seychelles Offshore Bank Account can be a tool for your business`s success. The Seychelles is a no Tax jurisdiction. Its legal system is the British common law system and of course it has its own legislation. Incorporation of companies in the Seychelles is fast and reasonably priced. Our law firm can assist you in all service required.Opening a Seychelles Bank Account can be done without you being present.

Get An Offshore Seychelles Bank Account

The Seychelles constitution was introduced in 1979. According to it a government is elected every five years. A unicameral People’s Assembly is elected which comprises 34 seats. Out of those, 25 are elected by popular vote and nine are given to parties winning at least 10% of the vote.The Seychelles have a Presidential government system. The President is elected directly by the people for a period of 5 years, and he has the right to be president for three terms. The President appoints 13 Ministers.

The Seychelles Geography

The Republic of the Seychelles is made up of a lot of small islands, about one hundred and twenty islands. Most of these islands are not inhabited. They are in the middle of the Indian Ocean and the temperature there is a tropical 26-29 C. It rains mostly in December and January. The capital of the Seychelles is Victoria, which has a big airport with air links, to Europe, Africa, Australia, the Far East and the Middle East. In Mahe, lives the biggest part of the population. It`s port is one of the busiest in the area and the deepest port in the Indian Ocean. Mahe is 30 Km in length and about 15 kms wide and a total are of about 150 sq kms. It` s highest mountain peak is about 950 meters.

The Seychelles Economy

The Seychelles` economy is a strong, robust economy centered on some economic axles of international connotations such as tourism which contributes over 65% to the foreign exchange earnings. Its international airport which begun its operations in 1971 has handled lately more than 1 000 000 passengers per year, and 15 000 tonnes of cargo. Services also account for over 65% of the economy and fishing is one of the main economic mainstays of the Seychelles` economy, for offshore financial services as a Tax Haven, and in the fields of banking and insurance.
Agriculture is also a strong income earner, with plantations of coconut and cotton. The Seychelles` Industrial Trade Zone has also contributed vigorously to the economic drive of the Seychelles.
The Corporate Tax in the Seychelles is 0%, and the offshore companies have no obligation to submit audited accounts to the Inland Revenue department. A vat which was introduced in January 2012 does not affect offshore companies not trading in the country.

Banking in The Seychelles

If you want to set up a company in the Seychelles, then you might consider also a bank account in the Seychelles too. It is a bank account outside the EU and you avoid some rigorous rules of the EU, which is trying to curtail the so called Tax Havens, which they allege deprive the EU of taxes. Depending on the business financial activities of the client and his business profile and needs, we can offer you the bank account to suit your purposes, at a reputable and stable bank. Banking secrecy in the Seychelles is an ingredient of its status as an offshore jurisdiction of the ultimate confidentiality. Only you and the banker will have cognizance of your banking activities and affairs. The movement of money in the Seychelles is free, without restrictions. You can deposit any sum of money in your account in the morning and in the afternoon you can channel it away. No taxes, no regulations, no questions!  You can open your Seychelles Bank Account fast and fuss free and most of all without having to be physically present. We will do all for you by email and courier.

Offshore Bank Account Opening in the Seychelles

  1. A Seychelles Bank Account offer you Internet Banking. Control your bank account, check its activity and print bank statements. Order your chequebook and a lot of other benefits.
  2. ATM (Debit Card) valid all over the world for shopping, business, paying hotels or withdrawing cash. We also offer anonymous card!
  3. Multi-currency (any currency required) at no extra cost is one of the facilities of your Seychelles Bank Account. It will help you as a businessman or a family man, save a lot of currency exchange charges and fees, by keeping your account in Euro and USD and Sterling and so on…
  4. Digipass machine( token), or codes. Transfer money in a second to any part of the world in a single move and without leaving the comfort of your office or home.
  5. Open account for companies of almost all jurisdictions. In the EU it is almost impossible to open accounts for companies of BVI, Belize, Panama, Hong Kong and many other jurisdictions blacklisted as Tax Havens.
  6. Open account without visiting physically, everything can be done by email and Courier.
  7. Fast opening of bank account (average 15 days). If you cooperate and supply the very few basic documents needed such a copy of you pp. a utility bill, and a reference letter by your lawyer, or accountant, or bank, plus the company formation documents and sign and return the bank forms and agreements, the bank account can be opened in a matter of between 5 and 15 days.
  8. Seychelles Bank Account Confidentiality. There is a strict protocol of bank confidentiality at the banks we recommend.



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