Swiss bank account – Open Swiss offshore bank account: Our company can offer you a Swiss Bank Account, either a personal or a corporate one, fast with no fuss and at a very reasonable fee. Do not hesitate to call or email us for more details if below you don’t see what your were looking for. Our Law Firm has been offering banking services since 1979. We have chosen good stable private well known Swiss banks, for your Swiss bank account, so that you can rest assured and certain that your business will be concluded easily, quietly, professionally and most of all your money will be secure!

Very Fast Offshore Swiss Bank Account

Within a few days we can have your Swiss Bank Account ready to go. No fuss, no delays, no time wasting procedures. If you are in a hurry to have a Swiss bank account, then get in touch today. You don`t have to visit the bank, and the documents required are the most basic required for any other bank account. No Personal Attendance Necessary to open your Swiss Bank Account Yes, you can have your Swiss bank account within a few days without your personal attendance. Everything is done for you via e-mail, fax and courier. Within a few days your Swiss bank account is ready and active and you receive by Courier your Token/Debit Card/Pin.

Swiss Bank Account – Open Swiss Offshore Bank Account- With Your Swiss Bank Account You Get:

  1. Internet banking through which you can make swift transfers via your Digipass/Token Machine from which you get the necessary codes to transfer money from your account to that of third parties or associates or clients.
    (a) Check your balances.
    (b) Order a bank statement.
    (c) Print a bank Statement.
    (d) Transfer money to other accounts.
    (e) Order your cheque book.
    (f) Check your account’s daily activity.
  2. Credit/Debit Card so that you have the absolute freedom of cash at your disposal without the risk of carrying on you a lot of money. The Cards are international and can be used all over the world!
  3. Multi Currency Swiss Bank Account so that you can send or receive payments is various currencies and avoids the loss of exchanging your Euros or USD and paying commissions. You keep them in your Euro or USD account and spend them when the need arises.

Swiss Bank Account – Open Swiss Offshore Bank Account: Opening Formalities:

Formalities for Your Swiss bank account are not many. All we need is a copy of your Passport, a fresh Utility Bill, and a Bank Reference Letter from your bank. If the Swiss Bank Account is needed for your company, then the company’s incorporation certificates. Ask at the Back Office for more information. Low Cost For Setting up and Running Swiss Bank Account. Confidentiality of Your Swiss Bank Account. Swiss Bank Accounts are famous through centuries long of Swiss banking, for their security, stability and banking secrecy. Your business stays fully confidential and your money is secure. In turbulent times such as we are now seeing, this is definitely important! Of course we can offer you a Cyprus Bank Account very fast and fuss free, for a very reasonable fee. For more reading to see about requirement and formalities to Cyprus Bank Account here.




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