Cyprus IBC – In six Days – May 2022

Updated 17th of  May 2022


What is a Cyprus IBC?  How do I register one? How fast can I get a Cyprus IBC? Can anyone own a Cyprus company?


A Cyprus IBC or an International Business Company, is a common private limited liability company. It has its Directors, Shareholders, a Secretary and a Registered Office. Our Firm can incorporate your Cyprus IBC company in about 6 days. Your presence is not required. Low fees, low maintenance costs, high yield of tax cuts! We can also open a fast Cyprus Corporate Bank Account for your company.



Taxes to be paid by a Cyprus IBC for 2022


The corporate tax rate is only 12.5% and 0% tax on dividends! That means that it pays 12.5% tax flat!  It pays Zero Tax on the profits from trading in Securities and of selling its own Shares. It also pays Zero Tax on profits from trading through permanent establishments abroad or from buying and selling real estate abroad.


A Cyprus company also pays Zero Tax on dividends which it earns from abroad. It can also carry forward any losses indefinitely and much more.


How to Get an IBC – May 2022


More details about Cyprus company formation procedures and costs. Also time schedule, formalities and general info.  Please follow this link: Cyprus Company Formation.  A company is a complete and separate legal entity from the people that make it up. It is born when it is in fact incorporated and registered at the Companies House.


This type of company does not need any special business license to trade Nor to offer services inland and abroad. It has to register with the Income Tax Office to get T.I.C. number. It must also register with the VAT Authority to get a VAT Number.


That is also so for all dividends received by a Cyprus IBC from any companies in which it is a shareholder! Make it the key tool to your international tax planning. It has many more advantages. We will be glad to give you more information if you are interested. See also I.B.C. Cyprus, for more information on the subject.



The Double Tax Treaties for a Cyprus IBC


Cyprus has signed double tax treaties, with many countries all over the World, which makes it a jurisdiction very attractive for international tax planning. If you want to check whether you country has a Double Tax Treaty with Cyprus please follow this link: Double Tax Treaty List.



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