IBC Cyprus – 2022

Updated 26 May 2022


An IBC company in Cyprus can cut your taxes by at least 60%!  Take advantage. Get a free quote today and be on your way to low taxes. Save money. Your presence is not needed. We do all the fuss by email and courier. For extensive info on Cyprus Company Formation follow this link.


Setting up an IBC Cyprus company is simple. In a few days your IBC Cyprus company will be ready and begin trading. Everything can be done in your absence. Fast and simple. The documents you need for setting up your company are your passport copy, a proof of your address, your cv and your contacts. We will do the rest. Operating your company can be done from your office. No need to have an office in Cyprus! Get a fast Cyprus Bank Account for your IBC company. Call us today.


Cyprus Company Tax, Legal and Administrative Benefits for 2022


1.Only 12.5% corporate tax for 2022

2. 2.5% tax on revenue from IP rights

3. 0% tax on dividends

4. 0% tax on capital gains

5. 0% tax on profits from trading in securities

6. 0% tax on income from selling its own shares and much more. 


If you want to read more info on Cyprus Corporate Tax Rate, follow this link. 



IBC Cyprus: Legal Benefits in 2022


A Cyprus IBC offers you many legal advantages. For example you can use a Nominee Director if you like to make your company a local tax resident company and thus be entitle to pay only 12.5% corporate tax and no tax on dividends. It can also allow you to use a Nominee Shareholder for confidentiality and for structuring your company in any way you like for tax optimization plans. It can allow you to operate from abroad. You do not need to have an office or other permanent establishment in Cyprus and so on. 



Bank Account 


 You can have a fast Cyprus Bank Account for your IBC,  or in any other country. Cyprus Banking is of the most advanced in the world, offering you a number of safe, international Cyprus and foreign Banks to choose from. Our firm will open a corporate bank account for your company in about 12 days. Ask for info. 

We can offer you a corporate bank account in a few days with internet banking, visa card, multi-currency, no minimum deposit terms and low bank fees. We can also open a bank account for your company in many other countries fast and fuss free.  For more information about setting up a company in Cyprus,  Cyprus IBC  



Quick Facts


IBC Cyprus:  It is a limited liability company, which means that the shareholders of the company have no liability for the debts of the company. The capital of the company can be in any currency and the minimum is one Euro. The shares can in one Euro value or more.  The capital can be increased or decreased. It does not have to be paid in cash at the time of the incorporation of the company.


It must have at least one Director. There is no provision for the maximum number. A shareholder is also necessary. the maximum number of shareholders is fifty.  A Secretary must also be appointed. More can be appointed if necessary.


The owners of the IBC Cyprus must also designate the registered office address of the company at the time of its incorporation. To this address all the correspondence from  Government departments is sent. Finally the name of the company must be approved by the Registrar.



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