Cyprus Offshore Company Formations on the Increase 

Cyprus Offshore Company Formations on the Increase : A strong indication that businessmen are tired and sick in paying all those taxes demanded by the governments of many countries is the fact that Cyprus offshore company formations are on the increase by a large margin. Corporate tax in Cyprus is only 12.5%  and 0% Tax on dividends paid out to the Shareholders of the company. There are also a lot of other tax benefits to the owner of a Cyprus company. Be a player. Don`t just take it lying down. Put your foot down. So pull you socks up and begin your Cyprus offshore company formation. Save thousands or millions. Our Firm can make it fast, simple and no fuss for you. we have been incorporating companies since 1979! We have hundreds of successful clients.Join the club. Come aboard now.

Cyprus Offshore Company Formations on the Increase : See the Statistics

The statistics of the Cyprus Registrar of Companies for the year 2014 show a marked increase in the formation of the Cyprus offshore companies after the sharp decline in the years 2012 and 2013. An official representative of the Company Registrar underlined that after the world economic collapse of 2008 it was to be expected that the offshore company formations worldwide would be negatively affected too as the intended international entrepreneur would wait to see… Following the world economic crisis there were more than 20 000 de-registrations of companies.This however has now been steadily decreasing and it is reversing showing a steady increase in the formations of offshore companies.

What Are The Benefits

The prediction for the next year is at least 15 000 new companies will be formed and incorporated in Cyprus. The formation of a Cyprus offshore company is attractive as it is fast, fuss free and can be done in the absence of the real owner. It is also not very expensive as its formation fees compare vary favorably to other jurisdictions and the rest of the EU states. It has now been made more simple to set up a company as the formation documents can be submitted electronically on the Registrar`s website. Generally the formation can usually be completed in 4 days. Obviously would be investors have again began showing their marked preference to the Cyprus offshore company formation, which is inlaid with so many tax benefits, it makes it stand out from the crowd. Some of its strikingly expansive tax benefits are:

  1. The corporate tax paid in Cyprus is only 12.5% which cannot be matched by any EU Country. This tax is paid on net profits for offshore activities.
  2. There also 0% tax on dividends paid out of its profits to the shareholders. This money can be exported out of Cyprus without any limitations.
  3. The tax on dividends received by the Cyprus Holding company from shares it holds in any foreign companies is also taxed at 0%. Therefore no withholding tax on revenue from dividends.
  4. No tax ( 0% Tax ) is paid on all profits from permanent establishments abroad. A permanent establishment is defined to be any hotel, or restaurant or chains therefor, or a power station, or a casino etc outside of Cyprus.
  5. A Cyprus offshore company is not taxed ( 0% Tax ) on all its profits from trading in securities such as shares, bonds, debentures, forex, futures of oil, metals etc.
  6. Tax on rights from IP property is only taxed at 2.5%.

The above are but a few of the tax benefits. If you need a professional scheme for the tax optimization for your offshore operations our firm will provide one of the best schemes for reducing your taxes lawfully. For more information on how you can incorporate your own Cyprus offshore company or for its expansive range of tax benefits feel free to call or email us any time.




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