Top Reasons for  Choosing Cyprus Offshore Company Formation for 2021

In the turbulent times that the international businesses are going through these days with the witch hunting for tax evasion taking panic proportions in many countries, the taxes are being hiked to new heights. Your hard earned profits are being sucked up by the Revenue Department like a vacuum cleaner. In some countries businesses have to pay up total taxes of 50% or 60% or even 70% !  In Cyprus total taxes to be paid by your company are 12.5%!!  This is of course one of the reasons why you should choose Cyprus Offshore Company Formation right now.


Another unbelievable reason is that your company will pay 0% Tax, on the Dividends it will pay out to you as the Shareholder/Owner of the company!  A third fantastic reason is also that you will again, pay 0% Tax on all revenues from trading in shares or other securities including your own company`s shares! Show me some more jurisdictions in which you get all these top reasons all in one. There is also 0% Tax on profits from trading in real estate abroad, or from a hotel or other permanent establishment abroad and much more. All these are top reasons for you to choose Cyprus Offshore Company Formation as your direct solution.

More Top Reasons for Cyprus Offshore Company Formation


Cyprus Offshore Company Formation: It is simple and fast and it can be done in your absence. It offers the perfect vehicle for your international tax planning. That is why many of our international clients prefer it to that of any other jurisdiction. There are more than 15000 company formations every year. Our company will assist you step by step to register your company and operate it. We have been offering Cyprus offshore company formation services to our international clientele since 1979. We offer all the services you will need for the incorporation and operation for your company. Cyprus as a jurisdiction is not a tax haven although it offers a lot of tax incentives and benefits to the international businessman.


From the point of view of the foreign investor who is living, working and trading in another country a Cyprus company  is a Cyprus offshore company. Begin your own Cyprus Offshore Company Formation today. Make this company a perfect high end tool in your international tax planning schemes and forget the high tax bills for ever. It offers so many tax incentives, advantages and benefits that no other jurisdiction can match it. We assure you about that from our expertise as Tax Advisers and Tax Experts since 1979. Get in touch with us today and benefit from our vast expertise on the subject of Cyprus offshore company formation. Trust the experts to lead you right ahead. In today`s world globalized environment paying high taxes is incapacitating. In some EU states corporate tax plus dividend tax together can reach as high as 95%! In many countries paying taxes of 55% , 65% or 75% is common. Choose the 12.5%. Get your own company today and be on your way to corporate fulfillment and success.

Set Up Your Own Offshore Company


A Cyprus Offshore Company Formation is easy and fast, and can be done without the need for you to visit our offices. Everything is done by email, fax, courier and telephone. That way you save time and costs. The formation fees are very reasonable at our firm and the time required for the whole company formation process is about 4 to 5 working days.


On its completion process a company kit is prepared and couriered to you with all the original documents and certificates of the company plus the nominee agreements, the deed of trust and the share transfer agreement. The formation certificates are the memorandum, the certificates of directors and secretary, registered office and shareholders certificate all in English and appostilled. A company seal will also be prepared for the company. For more info about the Cyprus Company Formation click here.

Cyprus Offshore Company Formation: Tax Resident Companies


A Cyprus Offshore Company is considered to be tax resident in Cyprus if its administration and control are kept in the country. For this to happen a it must have a secretary who is a tax resident citizen, a registered office in locally, and its majority of directors must also be local people who are tax residents. Also the board of directors` decisions must be taken in the country. All this establishes that it is tax resident here. If the directors are not Cypriots i.e. not Cyprus tax resident, then the company is also a non tax resident company.  


That means that as a non tax resident company, does not pay Cyprus corporate tax. So an Offshore Cyprus Company can be of one of two very important categories. Tax resident or non tax resident. A company which chooses not to be tax resident in Cyprus has to register in some other country for tax payment, mostly in the country in which it has its permanent establishment such as a factory, or its main offices or a chain of restaurants etc. The choice of tax residency must be made at the stage of its formation.


Cyprus Offshore Company Formation

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