Cyprus Shelf Companies – 2021

Updated 04 July 2021


To buy a shelf company get in touch with us. We will give you a list or our shelf companies to choose. Once you choose one you have the option to retain the appointed Director or the change him for yourself or a person appointed by you. The Shareholder too. You can change him for  yourself or retain his services as Nominee Shareholder. Such appointment offers you confidentiality from prying eyes. Our Firm will also open a bank account for you and get you a Tax and VAT number very fast. You are ready to trade. 



Cyprus Shelf Companies Can Help Your Business



A new Company versus a shelf company. Pros and cons.

A Cyprus Shelf Company is a company off the shelf!  It has therefore a Director, a Shareholder and a Secretary appointed. If you want to make changes it will take about  15 working days minimum!  Therefore it is not faster to operate than a new Cyprus company. A New Cyprus company can be ready in about 15 days too. However if you are in hurry to sign a deal which is important to you it will be faster to do that with a Cyprus Shelf company. The existing Director can sign the Deal and after that you have ample time to make any changes you want. Of course with a new company, once the name has been approved you can sign a deal before the company is registered and once the company is registered the deal becomes binding. But not too many businessmen would go along with this.


Cyprus Shelf Companies are like a racing car… You save time! Cyprus Shelf Companies especially if they are two or three or even more years old, can give your business more value and more credibility to Bankers, business associates, clients, lawyers, accountants etc. as the more years a company appears to be on the market the more credibility it bears. 


Cyprus Shelf Companies can be delivered same day!  You can have a vat registration number in 48 hours! We can open a local bank account for Cyprus shelf companies in only a few days and you can begin accessing payments same day. Our fees for are very cost effective and reasonable. Cyprus Shelf Companies are normal Cyprus IBC companies and have no legal characteristics different than any other private limited liability company. It is just another way to refer to the Cyprus Company.


Buy Cyprus Shelf Companies today and save your valuable time. For more information about the Cyprus company and its formation procedure, follow this link: Cyprus Company Formation. A Shelf Company in Cyprus has been very popular in recent years because of the great tax advantages it offers. Cyprus is a low tax jurisdiction and not a no tax haven. It is a member state of the EU and it has a friendly environment for the foreign investor and entrepreneur.  Cyprus Shelf Companies are available to any businessman from any country in the world without him having to travel here. All the procedures for Cyprus Shelf Companies sale, maintenance and operation are done through the email, fax and courier.


Shelf Companies List – 2021


Our firm in its constant drive to improve and enrich the quality of its services, incorporates new Cyprus Shelf Companies and add them to our Cyprus Shelf Companies list, so that our international clients can have a choice. These shelf companies have a local person as nominee director, as shareholder and another one as secretary. Cyprus Shelf Companies have a registered office in Cyprus according the company law provisions. A local bank account can be opened for Cyprus Shelf Companies in a few days without you having to be present! Our Cyprus Shelf Companies list is extensive and it is constantly enriched for your benefit. A Cyprus Shelf Company is a company which has been incorporated and left on the shelf without trading, as a dormant company.


Off the Shelf Companies are normal Cyprus IBC ready to trade same day. They have pre-appointed nominee directors, a secretary and shareholders and can begin trading legally and carrying out all their activities, trading, business, agreements etc. virtually instantaneously. Its officers can either stay on or they can be changed by the purchaser of the company as soon as he purchases it or later on. Why lose a big deal or waste time waiting to set up a new company, if you can get Cyprus shelf companies right away? Cyprus Shelf Companies are either recently incorporated companies or aged companies.


Ask for our list of names of `Cyprus Shelf Companies`, and pick your own, to start trading same day. We have a list of ready made companies which you can have to look at. Call or email us , or just download it from our website. If you decide to buy one and you want to see our fees and various prices for our corporate and legal services please follow this link:


Advantages of Ready Made Company


Cyprus Shelf Companies have many other advantages, which you can use for planning your business in a more cost effective, more satisfactory, more practicable and more efficient way. In the first place we can get you a vat registration number within 48 hours so that you don`t loose that big deal for which your business partner needs your vat number in order to go ahead! Secondly Cyprus Shelf Companies are already registered at the income tax authorities. Third you can apply for a Cyprus bank account immediately and Open a Cyprus Bank Account in a few days,  giving you an edge over any new to be incorporated company! Email us today for full details about our fees, advantages or other information.


Ready made Companies apart from the advantages enumerated above, also enjoy all the tax and other benefits and incentives that local legislation has to offer to the international investor and which are considerable and important, so much so that they make the Cyprus Shelf Companies very attractive in international tax strategies and tax planning.


Some of the major tax incentives and advantages for 2021:


  1. They only 12.5% corporate tax on its net profits from trading either abroad or inland.
  2. Zero tax is charged on dividends paid out by the company to its shareholders!
  3. Zero tax is charged on dividends received from abroad  as shareholder of another company abroad.
  4. Zero tax is charged on all profits from trading in shares and other securities!
  5. Only 2% tax is charged on all profits and revenues from intellectual property rights for music, films, books, publications, inventions etc.
  6. Zero tax is charged on all profits from a permanent establishment kept abroad!
  7. Zero tax is charged on all profits made from the sale of any property  abroad!



Cyprus Aged Companies 


Aged companies created some years ago, is called `an aged company`! Our firm has some aged companies available. Ask for our list and benefit yourself of an aged shelf company`s rich advantages. Some of the advantages of an aged shelf company, is that it is looked upon with more respect by clients, bankers and associates! When you ask for credit at your bank it is much easier if your company appears to be 6, 7, or 10 years old, rather than that it was just set up! Your company will also enjoy better consumer confidence, and it will also have better chances when bidding for contracts if it appears to be in the market for many years rather than just a few days or months! Last but not least with a Cyprus Aged Company you may be in a position to circumvent the tax or other provisions of a law which have been enacted after the registration of the company and do not apply to it!



Cyprus Shelf Companies Are Fully Registered Companies


They have issued capital, directors, secretary, and shareholders. After the initial reason for expediency has passed, the name, the capital, the directors the shareholders the secretary can all be changed to suit your own precise personal purposes. Off the shelf companies the members of which have no responsibility for the debts of the company. They are only responsible to pay the sum of money which is the value of the shares they have bought in the company. Our firm can provide you with shelf companies in any jurisdiction worldwide. For type of company, for details about the jurisdiction tax and legal regime, for list of names and date of incorporation, for prices and for any other information please email us, or call us during office hours.



Cyprus Shelf Companies Ready to Go


Our firm in an effort to facilitate our clients has available a number of Cyprus Shelf Companies ready to trade same day! We can have your Cyprus Shelf Company kit at the Courier to you in no time. All documents originals and apostilled. Company rubber seal, and registered at the Cyprus income tax authority.





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