Cyprus Work Permit – June 2022

Updated 05 June 2022


Get a Cyprus Work Permit fast. Who can get a Work Permit? What is the cost of getting a Cyprus Work Permit? What are the requirements in 2022? How long does it take to get a work permit in Cyprus? Is it easy to get a work permit?


Do you need a Work Permit to settle down and work in Cyprus? Do you have a lucrative work opportunity to work in Cyprus and you need a Work Permit? Do you feel like becoming a European citizen and want to relocate to Cyprus.


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Requirements for 2022


As a general rule the Cyprus Immigration Authority does not grant a work permit to third country citizens ( i.e. citizens not resident in any EU State), if it might deprive a local Cypriot resident of work.


However there are exceptions to this rule and a Work Permit is granted in the following examples:


  1. A Chinese citizen is setting up a Chinese restaurant in Cyprus and he needs a Chinese cook. A work permit will be granted to one or two if necessary. The same goes for Lebanese or Syrian or Japanese cooks.
  2. A Forex company needs a highly specialized manager for controlling its operations and cannot find one in Cyprus.
  3. A mining company needs specialized workers but cannot find them in Cyprus.
  4. An energy company needs experienced platform workers which cannot be found in Cyprus.


This is the general policy of the Migration Department will  grant a work permit if it is persuaded that it will not interfere with the local work force. Cyprus Immigration services are one of our top expertise fields in the Immigration range of services. If you need to read more information about Cyprus Immigration please follow this link.

Documents Required for Cyprus Work Permit


The following documents must be submitted to the Migration Department together with your application. This is not an exhaustive list as the Migration Officer examining your application may request some other document.

  • A valid passport valid for at least 3 years.
  • A temporary short term visa, secured from the Cyprus Embassy in the country of your residence.
  • Insurance policy for foreign citizens.
  • Rental Agreement for a house or flat for at least one year.
  • Employment agreement for at least one year.
  • Clean criminal record letter by relevant Authority of your country.
  • Fill in the necessary Forms M58 and M64.
  • Pay the necessary fee to the Migration Department.
  • A letter of Bank Guarantee for a sum which depends on the country of origin of the Applicant from 300 to 1200 euro.
  • Medical Examinations Certificates, for the applicant.


Work Permit 2022


Our Firm`s Immigration Services Experts will be glad to process your application and to assist you every step of the way to prepare your application and the necessary documents. Our immigration experts will follow up your application until a decision is issued by the Migration Department and update you immediately. Our fees are client friendly and we will grant you a free quote if you apply. If you are interested for a Cyprus Long Stay Visa please follow this link to read more information and advice on the subject.



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