See our Company Formation Price to realize that our prices are client friendly and reasonable, in conjunction with professional, fast and person to person services. We offer all the range of corporate and legal services to our international clients since 1979. Our vast expertise and experience is the best guarantee to you are going to get value for money. To see our company formation price get in touch with us now. We will revert to you within the hour with our best price for your company formation. Our company formation price is comparable to any price the competition has to offer. The Cyprus Company formation price is determined by the corporate services required by you at the time of the formation of your Cyprus Company. Usually a Cyprus Company formation price package includes the Cyprus Company registration price which is the fee paid to the Registrar of Companies i.e. a Government Fee. It also includes the Court procedure, the Registered Office and the local Secretary appointed. You also get the Cyprus Company incorporation certificates and a company package or kit. You can go to our website-Services-Our Fees to see our Cyprus incorporation fees. They cover a multitude of corporate services and legal services alike. Please call or email us for any queries for any assistance you may need or special services not included in our list. Our administrators will only be too glad to assist you. For more reading and advice on the Cyprus Company Formation Fees, please follow this link.

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Generally Cyprus Company prices reflect the number and complexity of the services required by you, the size of the company`s capital to be issued on incorporation, whether the company needs a bank account opening in Cyprus or in some other jurisdiction and of course services such as Apostille of documents, a power of attorney, a certificate of Tax Residency or Good Standing Certificate and any other corporate or legal services. It is always wise for you to ask if in your Cyprus Company registration price is included the fee for filing the document HE32 at the Registrar of Companies as this is an important procedure which if not complied with , can bring serious monetary penalties to your company.

A service which must also be quoted to you within the framework of your Cyprus registration fee is the filing of a Financial Statement together with the HE32 document. The price of preparing this document must normally be quoted in the Cyprus Company`s registration fees. These are sometimes called hidden Cyprus incorporation fees. Our Law firm can offer you our best fee for Cyprus Companies and guarantee that you get high quality professional legal services at best value for money and personal service by your personal Administrator.


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