Cyprus Company Formation Fees for 2022

Updated 23 May 2022


Are the Cyprus company formation fees too high? How much does it cost to incorporate a company in Cyprus. Is there a cost package for Cyprus incorporation? Generally registering a company in Cyprus is not expensive. Our Firm has since 1979 been offering competitive Cyprus company formation fees. The actual fees change now and then due to overhead costs, increase of stamps by the Cyprus Bar Association and of course by the Registrar of Companies. It is not therefore practical to quote here all the fees involved in a Cyprus Company Formation. Below see our very enticing Cyprus Company Formation package.


A Word of Caution – Hidden Costs – 2022


Cyprus Company Formation Fees:  Many providers will try to present a picture of low fees to the inquiring businessman in order to secure a commitment to their services, by `hiding` i.e. not revealing to him several necessary costs for the maintenance or operation of the Cyprus Company.

These are the Hidden Costs! Such costs may be the yearly renewal fee payable every year for every Cyprus company to the registrar.


A  Very Economic Company Formation Package


Our Firm offers client friendly fees and a company incorporation package that fulfills all your needs. The following package reflects the major documents and services you will need for your Cyprus Company Incorporation and which we usually offer to our clients. The Legal Fee for this package  for 2022, is very economical and it includes all the following:


  1. Certificate of Incorporation in English,
  2. Certificate of Directors/Secretary in English,
  3. Certificate of Shareholders in English,
  4. Certificate of Registered Office in English,
  5. Memorandum and Articles of Association in Greek and English,
  6. Apostil of all the 4 Certificates and the M&A,
  7. All Court work necessary,
  8. Payment of all Court fees,
  9. Registrar work including all Government fees for the registration of the company payable to the Registrar,
  10. Company Register of Members,
  11. Company Register of Directors,
  12. Company Register of Secretaries,
  13. In case you use a Nominee Shareholder, a Deed of Trust to Real Owner by the Nominee Shareholder, verifying that he is the owner of the company and all shares,
  14. In case you use a Nominee Shareholder, a Share Transfer Instrument by which the Real Owner can transfer the shares to himself at any time,
  15. In case you use a Nominee Director, a Nominee Director Services Agreement,
  16. Issued share capital of the company. We issue 1000 shares of 1 euro each. It does not have to be paid in cash,
  17. All Company Resolutions necessary to start up the company, such as appointing the first Director, appointing a Lawyer, for issuing the capital etc.
  18. One Incumbency Certificate at any time you request it during the first year for free. It can be also apostilled if we act as Directors of the company.
  19. Company Kit with all the incorporation documents of the company is sent to you,
  20. Company Rubber Seal (normally kept at the RO of the Company ).

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Cyprus Company Formation Fees for 2022

Most of the Yearly Fees You can Expect are:

1. Registered Office Address services for official use and official communications. 

2. Secretarial services. A Secretary is required by the Company Law Cap 113 for every company.

3. A Nominee Shareholder can also be appointed for your company if requested to give you the necessary legal cover and full anonymity. 

4. Filing of the yearly Financial Statements of the company at the Registrar of Companies required by the Company Law. 

5. Preparation and Filing of Document HE32, at the Registrar of Companies required by the Company Law. 

6. Yearly Renewal Tax of €350 to be paid to the Registrar of Companies. 

7. Filing yearly audited accounts to the Tax Office for payment of your corporate tax.



Our Firm Offers reasonable Cyprus Company Formation Fees – 2022


Cyprus Company Formation Fees: Our firm has adopted the policy to offer a reasonable package of costs for the formation of a Cyprus Company coupled with high quality and personalized services. It is our effort to offer you high quality services coupled with value for money. We have adopted the principle that our fees shall be client friendly in all our services. One of your benefits in using a Cyprus company,  is the Cyprus Company Formation Fees which compared to the prices of many other jurisdictions are very low.


If you need more information on the formalities for the formation and registration of a Cyprus Company, please follow this link: Cyprus Offshore Company Formation. For nil taxes information please visit also our page for the Cyprus Holding Company Advantages where you can read a lot of eye opening information.


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