Cyprus Ready-made Shelf Companies – May 2022



Cyprus Ready-made Shelf Companies – May 2022: What is a ready made Shelf Company?  What are the benefits of a ready-made shelf company? What are the costs of a ready-made company? How can I buy a ready-made company?  For full info and advice for setting up a Cyprus company follow the link.


A shelf company is a company which has been incorporated and is kept on a shelf ready to use! A shelf company has one Director, one Shareholder and one Secretary. It has a Registered Office Address and a Capital of 1000 shares of 1 Euro each. All the Government and Court fees for the incorporation of the shelf company are paid. It has a company kit ready, in which you can get all the incorporation documents originals, in English and Apostilled!


A shelf company is a virgin company. It has not carried out any trading. It does not have any bank account opened. It does not have a VAT Registration Number as it is not trading.


Cyprus Ready-made Shelf Companies save you time! Cyprus Shelf Companies particularly in the event that they are a bit old (aged companies), can give your business more esteem and more validity to Bankers, business partners, customers, legal counselors, bookkeepers and so on.  You can also secure back dated contracts! Plus is some countries there are tax benefits to be gained if your company was in existence at that particular year. Furthermore, with a Cyprus Shelf Company you can begin trading quick. 


Cyprus Shelf Companies can be conveyed the same day! You can have a vat enrollment number in 72 hours as well and a local bank account in a few days.  Our charges for Cyprus Shelf Companies are exceptionally client friendly and sensible. Cyprus Shelf Companies are typical Cyprus IBC organizations.  For more information about the Cyprus Company and its formation procedure, follow this link: Cyprus Company Formation.


Ready-made Companies List for 2022


Our firm in its consistent drive to enhance and improve the nature of its administrations, incorporates new Cyprus Shelf Companies and adds them to our Cyprus Ready Made Shelf Companies list, so that our customers can have a decision. These organizations already have a nominee director, secretary, and a registered office address. They are virgin companies with a clear past, no bank account and no vat number. They can be activated immediately. They can sign a deal same day and begin trading in a few days after a Vat Number has been secured and a bank account has been opened.


Shelf Companies Main Advantages-May 2022


 Cyprus Shelf Companies have numerous different focal points, which you can use for arranging your business in a more financially savvy, more acceptable, more practicable and more productive way. The back signing of contracts for example is a use which may help you to avoid some recent legislation or taxes imposed. 


Main tax incentives and advantages of the Cyprus Shelf Companies are:


  1. Cyprus Shelf Companies are taxed only 12.5% corporate tax on its net profits from trading either abroad or inland.
  2. Zero tax is charged on dividends paid out by the company to its shareholders!
  3. Zero tax is charged on dividends received from abroad by Cyprus Shelf Companies, as shareholder of another company abroad, making the Cyprus Shelf Company ideal holding companies.
  4. Zero tax is charged on all profits from trading in shares and other securities!
  5. Only 2.5% tax is charged on all profits and revenues from intellectual property rights for music, films, books, publications, inventions etc.
  6. Zero tax is charged on all profits from a permanent establishment kept abroad by the Cyprus Shelf Companies!
  7. Zero tax is charged on all profits made from the sale of any property held by the Cyprus Shelf Companies abroad!


Note that a shelf company has a nominee director and shareholder appointed. So if you want to make any changes to the shelf company it may take up to 15 days to finalize. Also a change of name or registered office or other changes to the structure of the company may take up to 15 days. 


Shelf Companies Ready to Go


Our firm with an end goal to encourage our customers, has accessible various Cyprus Shelf Companies prepared to exchange same day! We can have your Cyprus Shelf Company package ready in no time at your door and be ready to go. You can choose the name of your Cyprus Shelf Company.  For more reading on the subject of shelf companies follow the link: 





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