Discount 10% On Cyprus Company Incorporation Package – May 2022


Discount 10% On Cyprus Company Incorporation Package:  For your Cyprus company incorporation all you need is your passport and a utility bill. We`ll get you, your TIC number, your Vat Number. You are ready to begin operations. You can operate your company from your office in your country. You don`t have to set up an office in Cyprus. 


Discount 10% On Cyprus Company Incorporation Package: Our Firm has since 1979 been offering a wide range of Corporal and Legal services to our international clients. Our clients in their turn have shown us their respect and their appreciation. We thank you. We have always considered it our duty to offer our clients apart from professional, efficient, fast and personal services. We also offer client friendly prices and fees and where possible we offer a further discount to them.


Our Cyprus company incorporation package is one of the richest packages on the market. It gives you all the documents and services you need to begin your trading operations immediately without any problem. If you want to see more details about our company incorporation and of the package you will be getting with it follow this link: Cyprus Company Incorporation.



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To you we are offering a 10% discount on your company incorporation if together with your company incorporation package which must include a corporate bank account, you also ask to open a personal bank account. The discount will include the fee for the personal bank account.


The bank account will be in Cyprus. The bank account will give you among other services internet banking, visa card, low bank fees, multi-currency at no extra charge, no restrictions on transfers, no minimum deposit terms, no tax on your interest earned, no visit at the bank at opening time and much more.


Our Firm has been offering banking services for many years with more than 98% rate of success. In the turbulent years that we are now going through it is a top priority for every businessman to have access to a good business bank account either personal or corporate. For getting a Cyprus bank account follow this link: Get a Bank Account.




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