Cyprus Bank Account on Cyprus Company Incorporation, for 2022

Our Firm, offers you a bank account in Cyprus or abroad, on your Cyprus company incorporation. We can open it for you in your absence. Fast and no fuss. Minimum documents requirement and low fees. For more info please go to:


One of the key services our Firm offers to you upon your commitment to our services is the opening of a Cyprus Bank Account for your company.  One of our benefits to you when you open your company through our Firm is that we open such an account for your at half price!

Our Firm has been offering Banking services with 99% success since 1979! Trust the Experts. 


Facilities of the Bank Account

Your bank account offers you 24/7  internet banking, debit/credit card, no minimum deposit, no presence, no restrictions. There are no government taxes on your deposit and you get full banking services.


Is My Presence Necessary if I Choose the Cyprus Bank Account on Cyprus Company Incorporation?

Absolutely not. Our Firm will do everything by email, fax, and courier. A Skype conference may be requested by the Bank. However if you can visit Cyprus for one day, that would be great as you will have the chance to meet us at our offices, to be acquainted with our charming Administrators, Lawyers, Managers etc and taste the local cuisine which is absolutely delicious!  We will also arrange a meeting with your Bankers. That will help create a trust between you and you will therefore have a more relaxed and smooth banking service from them! The time schedule for such a Bank Account is about 10-12 days.If you want to read more on how to open a Cyprus Bank Account please follow this link: Cyprus Bank Accounts in a Few Days Fast and Simple.



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