Get 10 Discount on Your Cyprus I.B.C.

Our Firm is always trying to offer you something in return. WE feel it is our duty to offer client friendly fees. So when incorporating your company trough our Firm if you use the services of one of Nominee Directors please ask to Get 10 Discount on Your Cyprus IBC incorporation package price! Our company incorporation packages is one of the richest on the market. It gives you all the services and documents you will need to begin your operations in Cyprus. Your 10% discount will be shown on your incorporation invoice at the time of payment of your fee. Please do not forget to ask for it!

Some of the Services and Documents Included in our Package which will entitle you to Get 10 Discount on Your Cyprus IBC are:

  1. All the incorporation documents are issued in Egnlish.
  2. All the incorporation documents are appostilled.
  3. Incorporation Certificate, Directors and Secretary Certificate, Registered Office Address Certificate, Shareholders Certificate.
  4. All Court work and fees included.
  5. All Registrar documents and fees included.
  6. Memorandum and Articles in Greek and English and Appostilled.
  7. Register of Members, Register of Directors, Register of Secretaries.
  8. Resolutions for issuing capital, for appointing Directors, Lawyers, Accountants.
  9. Deed of Trust between the Nominee Shareholder and you , if you use a N/S.
  10. Transfer of Shares Instrument if you use a Nominee Shareholder.
  11. Nominee Director Services Agreement is you are using a N/D.
  12.  Registered Office Address for the first year of incorporation.
  13.  Company Secretary for the first year of incorporation.

The above is only a brief description of the documents and services included in our company incorporation package. More are available and granted for free depending on each case. Ask for a free quote.





Ask to Get 10% Discount on Your Cyprus IBC

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