Cyprus Immigration : Long Stay Visa for Life-2021


Cyprus Immigration : Do you need to get a Cyprus long stay visa for life, fast and no fuss?  Do you need to settle in Cyprus or set up your business in Cyprus without spending a fortune for it? 

Our Firm has since 1979 been offering to our international clients Cyprus Immigration services with great success. We have accumulated great expertise and experience to  make everything fast and simple for you. Our Cyprus Immigration expert,  was the Director of the Immigration Department of the Cyprus Government for decades. Trust us, trust the Experts.

We offer probably the best Cyprus Immigration services at the best fees and prices. Call us or email us today and make your dream come true. Live and work in Europe. Access more than 300 ML people of the EU for your business activities,  travel to more than 25 EU States without difficulty. Our Cyprus Immigration services department will secure a long stay visa not only for you but for you wife and your dependent children as well.  Get your long stay visa for you and your family today.

 Our immigration Lawyers and immigration experts will assist you all the way and every step to file your Cyprus Immigration application for long stay visa or Cyprus passport  and lead you to a successful result. Failure is not a word of our vocabulary. Cyprus Immigration laws and criteria have recently been changed to facilitate foreign citizens. For more information on Cyprus Immigration Services please follow this link.

Cyprus Passport


Do you have the vision of becoming a European citizen and live in Europe with your family?  Our Firm with its expertise and experience since 1979, in Cyprus Immigration services will make your dream come true. Our Cyprus Immigration experts will help you and support you all the way to submit your application for a Cyprus Passport. In a few months after your application is submitted you will be the proud owner of a brand new Cyprus Passport, you and your family.

You and your family are entitled to a Cyprus passport if you have lived in Cyprus for 7 uninterrupted years or you have a parent or grand parent who is or was of Cypriot decent. Call us or email us for full advice and a quote of fees.


Cyprus Immigration : Work In Cyprus and Get Your Cyprus Work Permit


Cyprus Immigration authority will grant you a Cyprus Work Permit if your desire is to live and work in Cyprus. if you qualify for a Cyprus Work Permit our Firm will advise you on exactly what document you need and assist you to prepare them. We will prepare your application and assist you to get a temporary immigration visa to come to Cyprus to submit your application. We offer very reasonable fees. Our Firm makes getting a Cyprus Work Permit a child`s play. Fast services no fuss and no waste of your time. For reading more material as to what exactly are the terms, that documents are needed and other information visit our Cyprus Work Permit page here.



Cyprus Immigration

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