Cyprus Accounting-See The Services We Offer – 2022


Cyprus Accounting-See The Services We Offer: We offer all the accounting services you will need for your operations, including bookkeeping, accounting, vat filing, payroll services, social security services and audit. Plus we offer you free or charge all the advice and assistance you need regarding your taxes or vat for 2022.

Standards are the IFRS. Every Cyprus Company has to file audited accounts according to the Cyprus laws, for all its operations either in the country or abroad. It must do so for its revenues and out payments for the tax year. The corporate tax rate in Cyprus is only 12.5%.


Our associate accountants are UK trained professionals who will offer you all the services you need.  They include accounting, audit, vat filing, vies services and any financial advise you may need. For more reading on Cyprus Accounting and Audit Services follow this link: Cyprus Accounting-Audit Services.


Cyprus Accounting: Time For Filing Accounts in 2022


Article 5 of the Income Tax Law 118(1)/2002 defines the taxable income of private taxpayers and tax resident companies.
By the provisions of article 5(1) of the Declaration and Collection of Taxes Law 4/1978, every private taxpayer and every Cyprus Company must keep accounting books and file audited accounts and declare their taxable income for the tax year. A private taxpayer can file his accounts on the 30th of June of the year following the tax year. A Cyprus Company can file its accounts on the end of the next year, of the tax year.


By article 24 of the Declaration and Collection of Taxes Law 4/1978 every taxpayer has to submit by the 31st of July of the tax year an estimation of his payable tax amount, for the tax year and pay it. If his Cyprus Accounts fail to do this his Corporate Tax will be penalized by 5% fine.


Get in touch with us and ask for a quote for accounting fees and costs for 2022 as soon today.
It goes without saying that if you incorporate a Cyprus company through our law firm, we will also offer you reasonable Cyprus accounting fees for your new company.


Cyprus Accounting-See The Services We Offer – 2022

Our Auditors are of very high standards. Audit services in Cyprus are freely available and at reasonable fees. Usually Cyprus Accounting Firms offer also Auditing services. An Auditor has to be independent from the Accountant, so the offices for Cyprus Auditing are kept separate from the offices of the Accountants thereby observing the legislation. The reason for the need of independent auditing in Cyprus is that the law requires the auditor to control and overview the accountants to ensure the proper and truthful accounting services in the country.