Doing Business in Cyprus

Doing Business in Cyprus is the perfect way for your international operations and tax planning to succeed. Your hard work and your hard earned cash will reward you with rich profits. Register your business in Cyprus. Doing Business in Cyprus can be your step-stone to success and can get you a set of powerful tools for your international operations. First tool one of the lowest corporate taxes in the EU of 12.5%. The second tool is the 0% tax on dividends paid out by the company to you the real owner. A third huge tax benefit you get by Doing Business in Cyprus is 0% Tax on all profits from trading in shares and other securities. This includes selling shares of your own company!  Another immense benefit you will enjoy by Doing Business in Cyprus is 0% Tax on all revenue from dividends your company gets from any shares it owns in any companies abroad! Also 0% Tax on sales of real estate abroad and 0% Tax on all profits from permanent establishments abroad!!  Try to appreciate this and try to match it with any other jurisdiction.

So Doing Business in Cyprus can be a win, win situation. Businesses in Cyprus enjoy a lot of tax benefits and incentives. Cyprus as a member state of the EU offers to the international Entrepreneur the opportunity to succeed and to thrive in the provocative and difficult financial European environment. Access more than 300 M consumers through Cyprus.

Doing Business In Cyprus : Why Cyprus

Why do business in Cyprus?  What does Cyprus offer me by Doing Business in Cyprus? Below are the major tax benefits for the international businessman who operates from Cyprus: 1. Corporate Tax at 12.5%. On Cyprus Corporate Tax Rate please follow this link.
2. No tax on dividends paid out by the company to the Owners or Shareholders of the company.

3. No tax on profits from selling securities such a shares, bonds,futures,Forex,stocks etc.

4. No tax on profits from the sale of real estate abroad i.e. no Capital Gains Tax.

5. No tax from profits of permanent establishments abroad such as a restaurant, a factory, a hotel etc.

6. No profit on inheritance of shares.

7. Only 2.5% tax on profits from revenues from IP.

8. No special defense contribution tax for foreign companies which is 17%!.

9. No stamp duty on may contracts or other documents.

10. No tax on dividends received by the company for shares it owns in other companies. This why the Doing Business in Cyprus can give you the great advantage to use your Cyprus company as a holding company!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the business environment Friendly?

The business environment in Cyprus is very friendly for the foreign investor. A company is incorporated in 5 days. A bank account is opened in 10-15 days. You can get a license for a Hotel, or a Travel and Tourism office in a few weeks, or a Forex License is 4 months etc. Rents are low, electricity, salaries, vat rates are also low. There is a huge tank of university educated experts to populate your business. So as you can see Doing Business in Cyprus is as easy as pie!

Is starting a business in Cyprus complicated or time consuming?

Starting a business in Cyprus is simple and fast. Our Firm will assist and advise you all the way to save time and money. Cyprus has a lot of qualified experts such as Accountants, Architects, Surveyors, Marketing experts, Business Administration experts and all kind of other callings ready and willing to man your operations. Starting a business of course requires some business plan and if required to get the necessary license. For a Tourism and Travel business you need a license for C.T.O. or for a Forex business a license from SyCEC etc.

What types of business are Viable to Foreigners?

There are no restrictions at all as to what business can foreign investors do in Cyprus. They can do any business they like, unless of course a business requires a special license as above. Most of the foreign investors in Cyprus choose the business  of Hotelier, Forex , Restaurants, Renting out flats or villas, trading in all kinds of commodities or electric or electronic services, consultations of all types etc. In fact for most businesses you can be ready to begin in 15-20 days!

Is Cyprus`s Geographical Position Favorable?

Cyprus is situated in a very strategic position in the Mediterranean. It is the crossroads between the Arab Peninsula, Africa, Europe, the Balkans, Russia, the former USSR Countries and Asia. It divides the distances and offers a place of business which could thrive taking advantage of all or any of the following favorable parameters. When Doing Business in Cyprus you will be having another ally. The weather. In Cyprus the weather is stable and mild. We have 360 days of sunshine. No floods to destroy your business offices, your factory, your house! No blizzards, no hurricanes!

The Communications

Doing Business in Cyprus is made easy by the top communications. You can reach an Eskimo in his tent in the North Pole! Cyprus has very modern, high tech fast and cheap communications to any country of the world, land line, mobile networks, fast internet etc. they make it possible for anyone to register his business in Cyprus and be able to run everything efficiently and cost effectively.

One of your major advantages will be the ultra modern airport and the air links to the four corners of the world. A businessman will be surprised to find a super modern airport at Larnaca and airways to all destinations on the planet. Major airlines like Lufthansa, British Airways, Qatar Airways, Emirates Airline and many more touchdown in Cyprus, giving a wide choice to the businessman to travel fast and fuss free to all destinations. Short distances locally make transportation quick and efficient.

Human Resources

Human resources offer a businessman a large pool of experts to tap, of all qualifications. People educated mainly in the U.K. at the best Universities. There are thousands of Cypriot people with degrees, masters and even doctorates in Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Energy, Law, Accounting, Business Administration, Advertising, Graphic Design, Architecture etc. The salaries are also very reasonable and low compared to some developed European countries. Cyprus being a member of the European Union and having Euro as its currency offers great rewards when doing business in Cyprus.

A zone of 27 countries of more than 300.000.000 consumers is at the fingertips of any businessman offering great opportunities! For those who want to set up business in Cyprus and actually trade within Cyprus too, there are no limitations to the type of business he can do. There are no restrictions in Cyprus as to the type of business a foreign businessman can carry out in Cyprus. Some of them require a license, like dealing in securities and offering financial advice to third parties. For gambling also at the moment no licenses are issued, but the matter is under deliberation. Some of the following are good ideas. Starting a business in Cyprus can be very simple and definitely will offer rich rewards to the shrewd businessman. Insurance:Major insurance companies from all over the world are operating here. Soon the gas and oil industry will be booming in Cyprus. Giants in the field like Total, Noble and many others have already bought stakes in the offshore fields of Cyprus. Setting up an insurance business now will offer many advantages. The Banking sector of course is very promising.

Doing Business in Cyprus is simple, fast and comparatively cheap when it comes to costs, compared to other countries. Starting a Bank in Cyprus has great advantages. Apart from the general advantages delineated above starting a banking business in Cyprus will help you reap rich harvests when the gas and oil industry will be booming. Huge amounts of money will be moving, gigantic loans will be needed for equipment , wages, investments. Tourism – Hotels – Restaurants – Recreation. Tourism is one of the main axles of the Cyprus economy. Millions of tourist from all destinations visits Cyprus mainly in the summer for basking in its warm seas and sunbathing on its sandy beaches. Fish Farming – A lot of potential. Cyprus being a Mediterranean country benefits of the warm Mediterranean sun and climate. Cyprus has the warmest and the richest seas in Europe and worldwide!

Doing Business in Cyprus : Services – Currency

Services make up a big chunk for the Cyprus Economy! About 20 000 businessmen choose Cyprus to register a business. Business registration in Cyprus is regulated by a vast and concise legislation, which is the basic tool for any businessman who chooses to do business in Cyprus. Many business registrations in Cyprus now involve the Forex industry. International companies use Cyprus as their base of activities for the business registration. Forex has lately developed into a huge business industry with high stakes in the international business scene.
Securities such as shares, options, futures, bonds, debentures, oil and gas futures etc also make up a large section of the services industry in Cyprus and Worldwide! You can start a business in Cyprus of this type very easily and comparatively cheap compared to other countries. A license is required which takes about 4-6 months to be issued and it is respected Worldwide for it is strictly regulated. Various and many other choices for doing business in Cyprus.

A Cyprus Holding Company For Lower Taxes

A Cyprus Holding Company is the perfect vessel for your international operations. No matter where your activities are, in the EU or in Russia or Asia a Cyprus Company can be the power tool for your trading operations. There are no limitations. Most business activities are not under restrictions nor is a license necessary! A Cyprus Company offers many and great advantages to the Entrepreneur such as:

  1. Fast Company Incorporation. A Cyprus Company can be incorporated and registered in about 4 days!
  2. Low Corporate Tax Rate at only 12.5% ! This corporate tax rate is one of the lowest in Europe.
  3. Cyprus is an EU member State! This means that you can do your business in the EU countries without restrictions.
  4. A Cyprus Company does not pay corporate tax on dividends so there is no withholding tax on those!
  5. A Cyprus Company does not have any problems of acceptance or respect in any other country or jurisdiction!
  6. Using a Cyprus Company you can open a bank account almost in any country of the world.



Doing Business In Cyprus

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