Free Hotel Reservation  Assistance

Updated 07 July 2022


Our Firm is based in Larnaca 10 minutes from the airport. We of course are networked all over the country, but if you have no specific reason to set up a real venue in another town Larnaca is excellent for business. Easy access to all places without waiting hours in the traffic, much lower rents and cost of living, excellent hotels, restaurants, taverns, schools for foreign children, no crime at all and much more.

Besides your international operations will most likely be done over the email and other communications. So Larnaca has a lot to offer you.



Our Firm as a gesture of appreciation to our new clients we will assist you to find and reserve a nice hotel in our town.


Also we can pick you up from the airport and take you to your Hotel if you arrive between 09:00am and 06:00pm.