Public Holidays In Cyprus – 2021


See below the public holidays in Cyprus,  observed for the year 202021. During these days most of the public services are closed. However many other businesses may be open such as kiosks, supermarkets, bakeries, currency exchanges, restaurants etc. If you are thinking of traveling to Cyprus we will be glad to inform you about these holidays, to avoid wasting your time.

  1. All Sundays in Cyprus are public holidays.
  2. Every Saturday is a holiday for Bank Transactions/shops are open but not offices.
  3. Monday the 1st of January -New Year`s Day everything is closed.
  4. Saturday the 6th of January is the Epiphany Day everything is closed
  5. Sunday the 25th of March is the Independence Day for Greece and everything is closed.
  6. Sunday the 1st of April is the National Day of Cyprus everything is closed.
  7. Tuesday the 1st of May is the Labor Day in Cyprus offices are closed. Some supermarkets may open.
  8. Wednesday the 15th of August is a great holiday of Assumption Day. Offices are closed. Some supermarkets may open.
  9. Monday the 1st of October is Independence Day of Cyprus. Offices are closed. Some supermarkets may open.
  10. Sunday the 28th of October is the Greek National Day of OXI. Offices are closed. Some supermarkets may open.
  11. The 25th of December is the Christmas Day for the Orthodox. Everything is closed.
  12. The 26th of December is the Boxing Day of Cyprus. Offices and shops closed.

Some of the most important public holidays in Cyprus are the Easter Holidays which are movable and for every year they are on a different date. Greek Orthodox are enjoying these holidays every year. It will be very enjoyable for you too if you happen to be in Cyprus. You will enjoy fantastic dishes and sweets you can only find during that period.

Our Firm will be more than happy to inform you about these if you intend to travel to Cyprus. Get in touch with us at [email protected] There are also