Cyprus Nominee Director for 2022

13 May 2022


We Offer a Nominee Director for 2022


What is a Nominee Director? How much does it cost to hire a Nominee Director?  What can a Nominee Director do for your company? Is it safe to use a Cyprus Nominee Director?


Our Firm can offer you the services of a Cyprus Nominee Director. We will send you information, terms and cost for appointing your Nominee Director. Sometimes we can offer you an exclusive Director for use on Amazon or other platforms who demand that he is not already on their platform in another company.


Usually we offer a legal entity ( a company ) to be Nominee Director. However we also offer physical persons if it is necessary to act as a Cyprus Nominee Director for you. The Nominee Director is appointed at the time of your Cyprus company formation.


There are two types of company status as regards tax. The Tax Resident Company and the Non Tax Resident. The difference between them is that the first pays tax in Cyprus and therefore can benefit from the very low tax rate of 12.5% corporate tax. The second does not pay tax in Cyprus. Therefore it must pay tax elsewhere. That will be your country of residence. But in that case you lose the great advantage of the all the tax benefits of a Cyprus tax resident company. 


For your company to be Resident in Cyprus, the Tax Office demands that the management and control of the company must be in Cyprus. For that to happen the Director of the company or if more than one the majority of the Directors must be permanent residents of Cyprus. The reason is that all Board of Directors meetings and Company Resolutions must be taken in Cyprus. 


Cost of Hiring a Director for 2022


We offer you a choice of two packages for the duties and cost of the Nominee Director. For a start-up the basic package may work out better money wise in the short term. For an active company with a steady income and good prospects the second package is better. It will will save you money and time. Call us today to see the two Nominee Director services package. For the costs and fees of setting up a Cyprus company go to Cyprus Company Formation Fees.


Cyprus Nominee Director Services Agreement


If you hire the services of a Cyprus Nominee Director for 2022, an agreement is signed between you and the Director to regulate the biparty relations. Basically however the gist of the agreement is that the Director will do nothing concerning the company until you give him/her written instructions. The Cyprus Nominee Director is however the most important person in your company. 




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