Panama Papers Huge Exposure

April 24, 2016

Panama Papers Huge Exposure: These papers which are now considered to be very popular are a set of millions of confidential documents that include detailed information concerning the structures and identities of thousands of offshore companies.  These companies have been incorporated by the company Mossack Fonseca, a corporate services provider in Panama. The said information […]…


Cyprus Ukraine DTA Changes

April 10, 2016

Cyprus Ukraine DTA Changes :There have been amendments to the existing Double Tax Agreement (DTA) between Cyprus and Ukraine. These changes have only been agreed recently: Ruling Tax Matters Administrative Fee :Ukraine’s Government The Government of Ukraine has announced those changes to the existing double tax agreement after negotiations between the two countries. Summary of […]…


Cyprus Ethiopia Double Tax Treaty

March 27, 2016

Cyprus Ethiopia Double Tax Treaty :Cyprus continues to expand its double taxation treaty network and this time in the African region. By the end of the year 2015, Cyprus signed a tax treaty with another African country.The treaty has been signed with Ethiopia for the avoidance of double taxation as recently published in the Official Cyprus […]…


Cyprus Double Tax Treaty Network

March 12, 2016

 Cyprus Double Tax Treaty Network  : Cyprus continues to grow its Double Tax Treaty network and it has recently signed three new treaties as follows: Guernsey effective as of 1 January 2016 (in force) Switzerland effective as of 1 January 2016 (in force) Georgia effective as of 1 January 2017  Cyprus has signed amendment protocols […]…


Partnership Limited by Shares

February 14, 2016

Partnership Limited by Shares :  The law that governs Partnership limited by shares in Cyprus is the Partnership Law, Cap. 116. Partnership Limited by Shares : Types of Partnership The General Partnership Each partner is liable jointly and individually for amount of debts which are unlimited, unlike the Limited Partnership.  Partners of a General Partnership […]…


Cyprus C.R.S. Implementation Decree

January 31, 2016

Cyprus C.R.S. Implementation Decree: An implementation decree has been issued at the beginning of the New Year 2016 by the Cypriot Ministry of Finance.  This implements the O.E.C.D’S Common Reporting Standard (C.R.S) on the Automatic Exchange of information on financial and tax affairs of multinationals between countries that have agreed to and signed the Multilateral […]…


Changes to the Cyprus Tax Legislation

December 16, 2015

Changes to the Cyprus Tax Legislation: Over the last few months the Cypriot Government has come to agreement with the private sector on the implementation of certain changes to the existing Cyprus Tax System.  Final changes on the Tax Laws have been voted on the 10th of December by the House of Representatives in an […]…


Cyprus International Maritime Transport

December 8, 2015

Cyprus International Maritime Transport : It has long being acknowledged by the European Commission that the Cypriot Shipping Industry is very important, being one of the largest in the EU ranking among the ten largest in the world. Following the importance of the Cypriot Shipping Industry, in 2010 after obtaining the approval of the EU […]…