French Plans On Internet Tax

February 6, 2014

Internet Tax   French Plans On Internet Tax.  When France announced its plan to hold internet taxes, Google was one of the very first companies who have reacted negatively towards it. It has immediately stated plans of eliminating references towards French press websites as a threat against it.   The “Lex Google” Tax Defined   […]…


Cyprus Offshore Company and Tax Havens

February 3, 2014

Cyprus is a Low tax Jurisdiction Not a Tax Heaven Cyprus Offshore Company and Tax Havens:  The U.K. has set its mind in fighting and preventing tax avoidance and evasion. In their efforts to do that the U.K. sent out letters to various tax haven jurisdictions with the request to join them in the fight […]…


Cayman Islands Tax Reforms

January 27, 2014

  Cayman Islands Tax Reforms.  Tax investigations specialists have cautioned the UK taxpayers that in case they are holding undeclared assets in the Cayman Islands they will soon have to confront a very close examination regarding tax avoidance by HMRC (Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs) which is a non-ministerial department of the UK Government responsible […]…


Taxes Lowered by Belgium

January 26, 2014

Lower Taxes   Taxes Lowered by Belgium.  The Minister of Finance Koen Geens emphasized the importance as well as the need of reducing/lowering the taxes in Belgium, regarding both Corporate tax and personal tax, based of course on a revised tax system.   Minister Geens stated that the reduction of both corporate and personal taxation […]…


Italy Tax Hikes

January 25, 2014

Tax Transparency   Italy Tax Hikes.  The Italian Revenue Agency announced with a Circular in December 2013 that from now on taxpayers will have to declare on their tax forms all funds held at another jurisdiction, making clear that the prior threshold of €10,000 is not applicable anymore.   The above Circular was passed in […]…


Singapore Money Laundering Rules

January 21, 2014

Rules for Money Laundering   Singapore Money Laundering Rules.  Singapore aims to increase control in order to fight money laundering and terrorist financing in certain sections and the Government plans to tighten control in several of the financial divisions.   The sections which will be examined are amongst others corporate service providers, money-changers etc and […]…


BVI Financially Praised

January 3, 2014

BVI in the eyes of the Financial Stability Board     BVI Financially Praised.  The Financial Stability Board in its last evaluation regarding the progress and devotion of all the jurisdictions and countries in relation to the global regulatory standards rated the BVI (British Virgin Islands) as one of the highest levels jurisdictions financially.   […]…


Cyprus Bank Account Developments

December 31, 2013

News About Cyprus Bank Account   Cyprus Bank Account Developments.  Nine months have passed from the abominable March 2013 and since the `infamous` Cyprus Bank Account bail-in or haircut! The movement of money within Cyprus and the outflow of money out of Cyprus were all but frozen. Cyprus Bank Accounts were used by the Troika […]…