Country by Country Reporting Decree issued!

January 8, 2017

Cyprus Issues Country by Country Decree end of 2016 The Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Cyprus has issued at the end of year 2016 a Decree pursuant to Article 6 (16) of Assessment and Collection of Taxes Law on Country by-Country Reporting (CCR). This Decree as per European Union Law requires Cyprus as […]…


Changes to Cyprus Intellectual Property Regime

December 18, 2016

Changes to Cyprus Intellectual Property Regime:The Income Tax Law with respect to the application of the Cypriot intellectual property regime has recently been amended and approved by the Cypriot Parliament.The new provisions of the IP regime are now consistent with the OECD Action Plan recommendations for better tax practices, supporting also transparency.The relevant laws and […]…


Revised Tax Treaty signed with India

December 4, 2016

Revised Tax Treaty signed with India: The last tax treaty between Cyprus and India has been signed in 1994.  This treaty has now been revised by the two countries and has now replaced the old treaty.  There has been ongoing negotiations between the parties and have been concluded in June 2016.  Following those negotiations, the two […]…


Access to Beneficial Ownership Information

November 20, 2016

Access to Beneficial Ownership Information:The European Council has recently endorsed the proposal of providing access to tax authorities to beneficial ownership information.  This information is currently held by various authorities who are responsible for the prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing. In the wake of the latest leak of information regarding the Panama Papers, […]…


Common Corporate Tax Plan

November 6, 2016

Common Corporate Tax Plan : The Common Consolidated Corporate Tax Base Plan initiative has been recently under review by the European Commission with the introduction of new proposals.In particular, in addition to the CCCTB relaunch proposal, additional reform measures have been published.The initial plan was rejected by member states back in 2011 when it was […]…


Cyprus Ready-made Shelf Companies

October 23, 2016

Cyprus Ready Made Shelf Companies Can Help Your Business Cyprus Ready-made Shelf Companies : What is a Shelf Company? How can I buy one? What use can I put it to? A shelf company is a company which has been incorporated and is kept on a shelf ready to use! A shelf company has one […]…


Cyprus Company Registration on the Rise

October 2, 2016

Cyprus Company Registration on the Rise lately as the Tax Havens are being castigated by the EU, the UN, the US, Russia etc. The Tax Havens are loosing their heavenly appeal. So international enterpreneurs are looking for a legal way to reduce the burden of their taxes. Cyprus is such a country. It is an […]…


EU Planning New Tax List

September 23, 2016

EU Planning New Tax List :  Common EU list of non-cooperative tax jurisdictions under construction.  European Commission planning new tax list: The European commission plans to create a common list within the European Union containing of non-cooperative jurisdictions. The Commission will assess which countries fall under this category which will involve a screening process based […]…